Madeleine – Xmas day 4 – Around the Tapas area

The first photo is a picture of the Tapas Reception doors as they looked on 27 Dec 2016. As far as I can tell, both the exterior and interior doors have locks that are purely mechanical and have no swipe card capability. I need to re-check that when they re-open the Tapas zone to be 100% certain. However, the basic security mechanism is a straight-forward metal key.

The photo shows the Tapas reception station on the left. To the right of the photograph there is a lounge area for customers.


The next snap is a view that is well known. It looks up Rua Martins past the Tapas Reception to block 5.


Swivel 90° left and the view is the south side of the Tapas zone. This shows block 4 on the right, and a door at street level in the centre. On the left is the tent-like structure where the twins club was, Oh, and a green awning to the left of that.


The next piccy is a closer view of the double doors at the rear of the Tapas Restaurant/Bar. I suppose it makes sense to get deliveries sent to street level, rather than dragging supplies through the Tapas Reception and downstairs to the kitchen. I don’t know if this houses the laundry room also. That would make it a busy entrance/exit, but it is wide enough to do both.

The lock on this door is of a similar design to that of the Tapas Reception, but it is by a different manufacturer and much older under a visual inspection.


Next up is a more direct photo of the twins club, but please note the white van in the middle, and the silver car on the extreme left.


The next view is looking north. Block 5 is on the right, with block 4 to the left. The twins club is clear. The white van is central, but now it is clear there is another access point, which is open. I am not sure what this is for. It looks too small for laundry and it seems to be too far from the Tapas Restaurant to be connected to that. The lock on this is also operated by a simple metal key, and again this lock looks years older than those at Tapas Reception.


The last photo is mainly for a bit of orientation. The green awning seen earlier is now to the right. The silver car I pointed out before is now on the left. And smack dab in the centre are the two Tapas zone tennis courts.



2 thoughts on “Madeleine – Xmas day 4 – Around the Tapas area

  1. The regular Tapas receptionist did not work in the evening. If someone else carried out that role in the evening, or even on days off for the regular receptionist, I cannot track them from the PJ Files.

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