Madeleine -Xmas day 3 – the short route

The first Luz Tour occurred in March 2016, and on that visit I tried to work out the short route between apartment 5A/Tapas reception and the Ocean Club 24hr reception.

My guest and I were wandering around the large, flat grassy space that sits between block 1 and the Adults Only swimming zone. As that is close to Madeleine’s kids club, I suspect that is where the children went on their Olympic Games play session, though I cannot be certain of that. It is simply a large space that is flat and safe to let young children run around, because there are no roads nearby.

As we were walking and talking, my guest suddenly reached up into a small tree and started eating the fruit growing on it. I had no idea whether the fruit was edible or not, but since my guest is still alive, I think I can assume it is.

I had another visitor in early May 2016, and after a bit of exploration I was getting thirsty, so I thought of that tree and the fruit, and I went to get a small morsel to eat. The date was 3 May 2016, so it was memorable. The problem was that all of the fruit had gone. There was not a single piece left.

Assuming the same situation for 2007, this would mean that Kate McCann, Gerry McCann and Madeleine McCann saw the tree on the short route, but not with fruit on it. I don’t know if any of the child-minders ever saw fruit on that tree, due to the time of year their contract started.

The fruit on the tree was small and yellow with a shiny skin. My guess would be plums, but I can’t be certain. Perhaps someone with more botanical knowledge than me can tell

from the photos.


This tiny tale does actually have a relevant point to make. I know on the Internet the date of the supposed last photo, the one with Gerry and Madeleine with feet in the children’s pool has been the subject of extended debate. Some people theorise the weather conditions mean it was taken closer to the date the McCanns arrived in Luz, rather than 3 May 2007. Some go as far as to theorise that the flowering bougainvillea means that the McCanns must have visited the Ocean Club before, in 2006.

Does this tell me anything? Well, it tells me that people in the UK and in Spain don’t understand the seasons in the Algarve.

If you have a close look at the photos, which were taken today, 27 Dec 2016, you can see that the tree has already flowered, presumably this month, and that all the petals are already gone. You can also see that the fruit is starting to develop.


November in the Algarve normally provides the rain that plants need to grow. December is typically sunny, like it was today. And yesterday it was sunny, and so on. It does rain overnight, but the last time it rained at my daily 12.37 weather check was on 3 December 2016.

People who guess at the weather in Luz in May 2007 really need to either visit here around an anniversary, or come up with a better approximation than the weather recorded in Faro. The weather in Luz does not work that way.


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