Madeleine – 12 days of Xmas – day 1

My plan for the first day of Christmas sort of worked but mainly didn’t. We, my beloved and I, have had a bit of a rough year in 2016, but one of our family members has been kind enough to provide us with a fair degree of assistance. So today I walked down to his house with 6 bottles of assorted beers made by resident German brewer Stefan.

Then I was off to the Ocean Club to check on a number of points that have arisen recently. The 25th of December is a fairly good day to get some answers without intruding on anyone. In that respect, it would appear that whoever now owns apartment 5A was in residence this Christmas day, based on the observation that all the shutters were raised.

The Tapas zone was secured, as one might expect. For the curious, there is no electronic lock or swipe-card mechanism on either the exterior or interior of the two doors on either side of the Tapas reception area. In the UK, possibly the nearest equivalent to the locks is Yale, though the one I have for my home is smaller, and made by Silca of Italy, and the Tapas ones are definitely smaller than a Yale lock.

And then I headed along Kate’s short route from apartment 5A towards the Ocean Club 24hr reception. That’s where the wheels came off the bus. I wanted to take a very particular photo, and I could not get my digital camera to work. I had recharged the camera battery but forgotten to replace it in the camera.

So for the first day of Christmas, you get a photo of the 6 bottles of Stefan’s beer that I gave to a Luz gentleman. And yes, it really was that sunny today. 22°, no cloud, no wind. A stonking Christmas Day.



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