Luz – Reptilian Dentist

I believe that for 2017 I need to split my blog up, and carve some topics off into a new blog or two. When I started ShiningInLuz it was meant to be about all the things that were shining in Luz. The kids were trying to run a business and my blog was just supposed to be about the good times to be had on a visit to Luz, hopefully with a visit to the kids’ bar/restaurant thrown in for good measure.

The problem with a Luz-based blog is simple. It quickly became dominated by Madeleine McCann, because by far and away the dominant story in Luz is about Madeleine, even 10 years on.

Some 54,000 views on from inception, there is a problem. I happen to like a lot of things that are not Madeleine based and regular readers will know that includes food. Today however, I want to tell you a tale of drink, one currently labelled Reptilian Dentist.

A friend of the family, someone who had worked alongside our son-in-law decided to invite our family plus others for Sunday roast lunch/dinner. Around 14 people attended. I could not stomach the thought after my recent food poisoning episode, so I declined to attend.

The hostess made three dishes – a starter, a main and a dessert. The main was roast lamb, chicken and pork. There were 4 different vegetables for the vegetarians, on top of roast potatoes. All in all a culinary feast, which was much enjoyed by all.

What has this to do with Reptilian Dentist? Our friend had recently stopped working in the tree-care business and had moved into brewing his own beer. This is traditional ale, not lager, and the beer looks like it is beginning to become popular. He is managing to sell some here and in Germany.

Yesterday (Monday) was still for me a recovery day from my food poisoning episode. I was looking forward to a very, very bland dinner, something that would fill me up but not upset me.

Around noon, the weather was particularly pleasant. The sun was out. There was no wind. It was 20°C in the shade. I made a cup of tea for the pair of us and my better half and we sat in the garden and chatted about family business. Bliss! What can be better than a cup of tea and a natter in sunshine al fresco?

My partner went off for a quick family visit before heading to Lagos for business. I thought of the two small bottles of ale garnered from the Sunday roast event and thought “It is December 12th. It is a stonking day here in Luz. I am going to sit in the sunshine and try a bottle of beer.”

The experience was quite odd. I have not had actual ale in over a decade because it usually gives me a headache. But I sat in the sun and thoroughly enjoyed a 33cl bottle of Reptilian Dentist. It has all the hallmarks of small scale production. You store it upright, in the fridge, and pour it into a glass, to avoid the sediment.

So a number of things have come together at the same time and I feel it is right to split this blog into parts. ShiningInLuz has become welded to Madeleine, but I have other interests. I think the point has come where I need to separate off other interests, such as cooking or local ventures like Reptilian Dentist to another place.


One thought on “Luz – Reptilian Dentist

  1. Your texts are interesting, as I’m interested in the Madeleine case, and they do indeed give me, as a reader, a glimpse of ordinary life in Luz, from an English expatriated perspective of course.

    Reading your blog makes it easier to feel the social atmosphere in Luz today, and how it may have been 10 years ago. It also helps me to understand how things looked (still looks), around the place where Madeleine disappeared, even though you are not explicitly talking about the Madeleine case, to whom you cleverly keep a certain distance.

    So even if you should now decide to split your blog into two separate parts, which in my opinion you don’t have to, I’ll still keep on reading both parts, as they, from my perspective, will inevitably be linked to one another, in a spiritual way. Your heart is, so to speak, as much in Madeleine, your kids (and grandchildren I suppose) as in Luz and its people, as I see it.

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