Luz – Around The World – Italy #2

I had planned to end my Around The World tour in Portugal, with Portuguese steak. This was changed to Italy when a request for spaghetti bolognese was put in. I don’t know how you can spend two weeks in England and come back craving spag bol, but who was I to quibble with this request.

The only spag bol I have eaten in a restaurant in Luz was truly awful. It was definitely the worst meal I have eaten in my time in Luz, and quite possibly, the worst meal of my life. I thought it was impossible to mess up a spag bol but I learned the hard way.

My recipe required some ingredients I didn’t have in the house so I intended nipping down to Baptista supermarket to get them and restock some bits and pieces. The trouble is I was stuck in bed when my better half returned and I could barely walk. Something in my tapas last night had laid me low.

I have spent nearly all of today in bed because I need to be ultra-close to the loo. I had 3 sessions of vomiting and I have been pooing for Britain, fortunately not diarrhoea. The vomiting has stopped and the pooing is easing off. I think I have not vomited in the 20 years we have married, so this was something of an unusual occurrence,

My beloved wanted to spend some time with family that had been seen in the last fortnight. They are a few minutes away by car, but the car wouldn’t start, due to a flat battery. We have the thing on charge now, so hopefully it will be OK by morning.

So my Around The World adventure ended with bang, just not the kind I had envisaged.

Hopefully, normal service will resume tomorrow.


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