Luz – Around The World – Scotland

I have made the trans-Atlantic flight to Scotland. I am nearly home again. I would have stopped over in Iceland, but for two reasons. I cannot think of anything tasty from Iceland other than fish. And today in Luz we had a very extended thunderstorm which meant I was not willing to scour the local shops for the best offer in town for fish.

So instead I am in Scotland, a country not renowned for its cuisine, though trust me, Scotland can do very upmarket home cooking. Could I but get my hands on some venison.

Anyway, I am on a mission, and that is to get my hands on a Kilmarnock pie. This is not a Scotch pie, where the meat is minced lamb.

I want a Killie pie, which has won the award for the best football pie two years running. Then a dispute over branding with Killie football club led it to being renamed the Kilmarnock pie.


Here’s the easy bit. The casing is pie. The filling is steak. So far, so good.

Now for the tricky bit. It is meant to be a football club pie, one that gets ordered and eaten at half time. You eat it with your fingers, and at best, the only thing to clear up the mess is a napkin. This means there has to be meat gravy, just not enough to go everywhere. Check with Brownings the bakers in Kilmarnock for the details.

I wanted a football pie recipe for a quite different reason. The event in question does not date back 10 years yet, and also the event I am thinking of did not take place on 3 May 2007. But it very definitely is related to Madeleine.

Tonight’s steak pie was down-market, but very tasty.


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