Luz – Around The World – Mexico

Tonight the location is Mexico and the dish is fajitas.

This meal is not recommended if eating alone. It requires far too many cooking pots and a lot of serving bowls. But it is a great meal if sharing, and our grandchildren love it. Put the bowls of food on the table and everyone helps themselves. No matter how many serving spoons you provide, your grand-kids will always want more.

The actual fajitas are the easiest bit. Being unleavened bread, all they need is a quick warm up in a microwave. Even our grand-kids worked out very quickly that if they wanted a second one (and they always did) a quick zap in the micro would make them hot.

The next easiest bit is the protein, and I normally do two so there are choices. Pick what you want, but one by steak and one by chicken works well until the kids turn veggie.

For me the key ingredient is guacamole, and there are some truly dreadful processed versions out there in the shops, so the starting point is a ripe avocado. Mash it with a hint of lemon juice to stop is going off colour. A hint of finely chopped onion gives it a pleasant texture. I pop in some dried chilli seeds to give it a bit of bite, and a little chopped coriander.

Then there is tomato salsa. Some of the commercial versions are OK, but if you are going to the effort of making fajitas, why not make your own salsa. Heat up chopped tomatoes in a little vegetable oil, pop in a little finely diced onion, add in dried chilli flakes and add smidgen of fresh coriander at the end.

Despite all this onion in the other ingredients, I usually serve up a little fried onion on its own as a separate choice.

If you are cooking for the family, consider re-fried beans. Tinned ones easy, but you can also take cooked kidney beans, heat them through, drain them, then mash gently and fry. This way you can control the flavourings added to your re-fried beans.

And if you want some (chilli) heat control, put some sour cream on the table.

Apart from the fact that this meal requires a fair bit of preparation and produces lots of pots and bowls to be washed, the main issue is that the grand-kids can make fajitas disappear faster than you can serve them.


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