Luz – Around The World – China

After a tomato-based curry in India and a chicken and coconut-based curry in Singapore, I fancied something that was not curry-based on my imaginary stopover in China. So tonight it is sweet and sour chicken, and the only ‘difficult’ thing is the sweet and sour sauce, which of course will go with anything from pork to fish and prawns.

The sauce ingredients are pineapple juice, water, vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar and cornstarch. Work out for yourself which is sweet, which is sour, and which is just a thickener.

I don’t have pineapple juice to hand, so I’m going into improvise mode. For the pineapple. I am going with a Chinese gooseberry, more commonly known as Kiwi fruit.

What is going to be really interesting is whether I can get it that vivid red colour you see in Chinese restaurants. I can see one recipe recommends tomato ketchup, but tomatoes and Chinese food don’t mix in my opinion.


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