Luz – Around The World – Lebanon

The reality is it is p**sing it down in Luz. I’m currently under a semi-tropical thunderstorm. But in the flights of fancy, I’m in the Lebanon.

Tonight’s main dish is a Lebanese green salad. Tabbouleh.

It is very simple to make. I chopped up some coriander finely, though I have had tabbouleh without coriander and with parsley and mint. Herbs to make it green, but not lettuce in the Lebanon.

Ditto fine chop some tomatoes, a little bit of bell pepper, and a wedge of onion.  Cucumber is optional.

Then you need some bulgur wheat, boiled for about 4 minutes until al dente, but not mushy.

And then you need the magic. A hint of salt, a modest sprinkle of pepper, a generous squeeze of lemon juice and a glug of olive olive. And set aside for the bulgur to soak up all those flavours.

I’m having mine with spicy sardines (tinned).

Does exotic food get any easier?


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