Luz – lows and highs

The 14th November brought together 3 disparate stories in Luz.

The first was that after a service for Chadders, a wake was held in the Bar Carib. I don’t think this was his most popular haunt, as it is a bit up out of the way to the NW of Luz. But he was celebrated with a buffet lunch in the sun, and the citizens of Luz were pleased.

The second smaller segment was the weather. Blue sky, perfect sun, almost no breeze, and 26°C in the shade. A perfect UK summer day in winter in Portugal.

The third story started just a day later. A small child of Luz was told that on his sixth birthday he might not be going into school. Instead, he might be going on a magical mystery tour.

The story is long so I shall cut to the chase. The idea was that he would see snow for the first time ever, on his 6th birthday. A 6 hour drive has taken him to between Lisbon and Porto on the highest mountain on the mainland of Portugal – a quest for snow.

So far, the quest for snow has come up empty. Couple of 24°C days may explain why.

The birthday boy has not been short on fun. Enjoy the photo.




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