Luz – lows and highs

The 14th November brought together 3 disparate stories in Luz.

The first was that after a service for Chadders, a wake was held in the Bar Carib. I don’t think this was his most popular haunt, as it is a bit up out of the way to the NW of Luz. But he was celebrated with a buffet lunch in the sun. And it was a day to remember, for several reasons.

First and foremost, it was when Chadders’ friends paid their farewell to a grandee of Luz. The occasion was a service followed by a wake held in Bar Carib. A far as I am aware, Bar Carib was not a frequent venue for Chadders. It is somewhat out of the way up a hill in western Luz. Not really mobility scooter territory. But there is a large outside area where customers can smoke. And on the occasion of Chadders’ wake, it woulld seem the event went well with the citizens of Luz.

The second smaller segment was the weather. Blue sky, perfect sun, almost no breeze, and 26°C in the shade. A perfect UK summer day in winter in Portugal.

The third story started just a day later. A small child of Luz was told that on his sixth birthday he might not be going into school. Instead, he might be going on a magical mystery tour.

The story is long so I shall cut to the chase. The idea was that he would see snow for the first time ever, on his 6th birthday. A 6 hour drive has taken him to between Lisbon and Porto on the highest mountain on the mainland of Portugal – a quest for snow.

So far, the quest for snow has come up empty. Couple of 24°C days may explain why.

The birthday boy has not been short on fun. Enjoy the photo.




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