Madeleine – Operation Grange update

I have just sent information that I believe to be pertinent to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann to Operation Grange.

I happen to think it is the most likely explanation for the incident, but I am mindful that others who have studied the case have proposed alternatives as to the probable scenario.

I cannot prove this theorem. Operation Grange has access to information that can disprove the theorem, and for all I know, it has been discounted already. Information in the public domain suggests it is not a line of active enquiry by Operation Grange.

I am not in a position to expound this theorem in public. There is still an active investigation ongoing, which I would not wish to derail. And since it is impossible for me to prove the theorem, if I were to explain it, I would very definitely be open to a charge of defamation, though I doubt my blog is read by those involved in my line of thought.

I will simply say that the theorem does not involve any criminality on the part of the Tapas 9 in general, or the McCanns in particular.

And I will add that I did not reach this theorem by excluding the Tapas 9 from my remit. All options were considered. It is simply that the evidence led to the potential solution.

I have made no attempt to communicate this theorem to the McCanns, to the rest of the Tapas 9, or to the media. To do so would potentially influence a live investigation, would leave me open to a charge of defamation, and none of these principals has the capability of testing my explanation in a simple manner.

I have made no attempt to communicate this information to the PJ. The PJ does have the ability to check out my theorem, but the most likely development is that the PJ might forward the information to Operation Grange, as the idea does not seem to fit the Portuguese investigation. And with that route I run the risk of a defamation action, plus publication of my personal details if/when the case is archived.

What will happen if both the OG investigation and the PJ investigation get shelved? Will the McCanns empower a further PI team?

I have not followed the McCanns v Amaral trial, on the basis that I was unlikely to find out anything significant about Madeleine’s disappearance that is not already in the public domain. However, my guest on Luz Tour 4 is knowledgeable about the process, and is of the opinion that judgement against the McCanns would empty the coffers. The figures and calculation method were explained to me, and it would appear to be a mortal blow to further searching.

However, if a further PI team is employed and if it is possible to communicate with them, I will pass on the theorem and the supporting evidence to them. And if they are interested, it would be a case of trying to come up with a different way of skinning this particular cat.

This date should be easily memorable in future. It is the day that we get Clinton or Trump.

Guess what! The weather has turned noticeably cooler in November, but everything is relative. It is 22°C in the shade and of course it is Shining In Luz.


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