Luz – Chadders

Chadders, or Chad, was one of the leading lights of Luz. He was aged around 80. He smoked too much and he drank too much. He knew both were detrimental to his health, but he was not going to change the habits of a lifetime.

A while back, diabetes forced the amputation of part of one leg. He sold his villa and bought a town house instead. He could be seen nipping along the streets of Luz on his mobility scooter. The medical prognosis recently was not good. The diabetes meant part of his other leg was scheduled for amputation.

Chadders got on well with aide range of people in Luz, but his patronage was restricted to those places where he could smoke. One of his favourite haunts was outside the Nautilus, near the bottom of Rua Primeira de Maio.

Chadders was in touch with local friends two days ago on Saturday 5 Nov 16. Then a couple of mates realised he had not chatted to them yesterday. So they went to his town house and knocked, but got no response. They rustled up a door key and entered the building.

And no doubt by the way this tale has been narrated, you will already know that they found Chadders dead in his home.

He was undoubtedly one of the characters of Luz. RIP Chadders.


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