Espiche – Guy Fawkes night

Espiche is a small village immediately to the north (inland) of Luz.

Despite being less than a mile away from Luz, the character of the neighbourhood changes dramatically.  Luz is ex-pat and tourist.  Espiche is ex-pat and Portuguese.  There is nothing touristy about Espiche.

And for this very reason, a number of ex-pats prefer to live in non-touristy Espiche (and Almádena etc) rather than living in the land of the tourists, and the land of the tourist prices.

But ex-pats being ex-pats, they still have reminiscences about dear old blighty and its traditions.

So last night, Espiche held its annual fireworks party.  This is a bit different from the UK, in that heath and safety does not rule here.  It is much more raw and old fashioned.

And thus last night, there were 3 beats of the drum.  The fireworks started at 9pm and lasted to 9.04.  Then there was one minutes silence before the second round.  That lasted from 9.05 to 9.09 and again the quiet descended.  The triplet was completed in a crescendo from 9.10 to 9.14.

It was all very, very British.  Ex-patness dialled up to the maximum.  It was also memories and fun.  We cannot do crisp, cold nights on the Algarve, the type where you need another layer of clothing and your breath comes out in a frosty haze.  We have to mimic.  Portimão put in an artificial ice rink a couple of years back.  What we do is very, very Brit, but with heat piled on top.

And so it was that last night, in a small corner of the Algarve called Espiche, the local ex-pats celebrated the 1605 gunpowder plot with fireworks.

And despite the fact this small piece of revelry should have nothing to do with Madeleine McCann, unfortunately it does, though I have no doubt the merrymakers do not know about it, let alone care.

Anyone for fireworks?


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