Luz Tukano tuk tuk tours

Yesterday, 27 Oct 2016, the weather was fine, much like a very pleasant Spring day in the UK, so I decided to head into Luz for a stroll and a cup of coffee. For that I went to Polly’s in LuzTur.

As an aside, I noticed that the STOP signs which had mccann circus painted onto them have now had the graffiti painted over, so they are simply STOP signs again.

While I was down on Rua Direita (the high street), I noticed a very strange vehicle turning to go down towards the church, so I wandered along to find out what it was. Now, I did not have my camera on me at the time, but here is a stock photo of the vehicle.


The photo above is near to Lagos marina, and the vehicle I saw was labelled Tuk Tuk Lagos, but it was definitely a Tukano tuk tuk.

The main tours undertaken by Tukano tuk tuks are in Lagos, and it seems a reasonable way to see the sights at surprisingly affordable prices (and no, this is not an advert).

Tukano does one tour of Luz. It lasts an hour and a half, and it seems half an hour of that is for a passeio, a stroll. They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or villa.

The tuk tuks are 100% electric and described as eco-friendly. I assume for a Luz tour they transport the beast from Lagos to Luz on a lorry. The price starts at 30€ for two. The tuk tuks can hold up to 6.

Anyway, I caught up with the tuk tuk when it had halted at the church entrance. There was one woman, one man and a small girl. The parents were taking photos of the church. The little girl was beaming from ear to ear. She obviously loves tuk tuks. And the passers by were taking photos of this exotic entourage.

Then the tuk tuk moved a few short feet down the road and halted again. This time, the stop was for the Luz ice cream factory.


Bear in mind that this was the end of October, but people were wearing shorts, sandals, t-shirts and sunglasses. Perfect weather for an ice cream, so the trio went in. The ice cream factory is bijou. It’s main product is 12 different flavours of hand made ice cream, in cones or cups. The trio took their ice cream on board the tuk tuk and off it went again, down to the park south of the Fortaleza, where the view is breath-taking.

A few minutes later the tuk tuk headed back up the hill, with the threesome still getting stuck into their ice cream. They were obviously in high spirits, as I got regal waves from the parents, and the little girl was again beaming from ear to ear.

The tuk tuk headed along Rua Direita and I lost track of it so there my little adventure ended.

The URL for the Tukano tuk tuk tours is It is rated as the number 1 tourist attraction in Lagos. What I don’t know is whether Lagos Zoo is included in the competitors, as that is an absolutely brilliant day out for those with young children.


7 thoughts on “Luz Tukano tuk tuk tours

  1. Lagos Zoo – the last time I went the trip around the Zoo was enlightening, not at all like a normal Zoo. Even better, if you have a meal there (very farily pricedl the trip around the Zoo is free.

  2. As always, not much to do with your post, though it has to do with Luz. Had you read the PJFiles carefully, SIL, you would know who Luz is. One of the translators ! Therefore hats off ! Don’t you agree ?

  3. I tend not to worry about who did the translation, but rather how accurate the translation is, particularly when it comes to a contentious point. So there are probably a few translator names that have passed me by, one of which it would appear was Luz.

    My familiarity with Luz was from the UK Justice Forum, though Luz ceased to be active before I got going.

  4. Luz translated important documents. Whatever their motives, the translators of the PJFiles did it pro bono and we should be very grateful for that. Some fanatics love to suggest that the translators were not professionals (usually those are themselves only anglophone) and some even insinuate a kind of conspiracy spreading biased translations for some sinister reason. Why don’t they learn Portuguese then ?
    I reckon that it never occurred to Madeleine’s Fund, who allegedly paid over 1000 pounds to have the files translated, using the money given for the search of MMC, to publish those “professional” translations on the official site. Can you think of one reason why they wouldn’t, even if publishing the translations would increase the cost. Isn’t the truth at stake ?

  5. By coincidence, I have just been reading a news story that the McCanns were dismayed by the widespread publication of the files. The claim was that it would prevent people who wished to remain anonymous, or nearly so, from coming forward with information, therefore harming the search for Madeleine.

    There was a further appeal that no such releases should occur in future. It looks like Team McCann were unaware of the process of archiving a case in Portugal.

    I wasn’t interested enough to check the date, but it was quite some time after the case was archived. Perhaps it was when copies started hitting the Internet.

  6. On a juridical topic, it seems that the desarguidation didn’t turn the MCs into victims again (their first statute, lost in September), but sent them back to the ordinary people group. The proceedings are available for all in a democracy, without distinction between victim and not victim. Now, things might be different if the MCs filed a complaint for abduction AND sequestration, which I think they could do as no body has been found and as there’s no prescription in that case. Then they would be victims again.
    They didn’t like the idea that people would scrutinize and inevitably find discrepancies. They were not the only ones ! This is why special Portuguese lawyers were hired to threaten the instructor judge. And it worked, more or less, because some files obviously should have been suppressed and were forgotten. I personally find it a pity that they’re still there. I translated some files, but I would never have translated those.
    It was certainly a big surprise for the PGR and the MCs that the files were translated so rapidly, in the middle of summer, when most people enjoy holidays.

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