Madeleine – Textusa and the black pawn

The curious case of the black pawn?

Let me set out the background to this post on Textusa and the Mirror story. When I started taking an interest in the Madeleine case, I looked for those who had studied it more deeply than I had. It was a little bit like being being the office junior.

That’s how it went with Textusa. I am not a fan of massive conspiracy theories, but Textusa was drawing my attention to people and facts which would turn out to be crucial. So I responded by offering a set of minor corrections, which were gratefully received until ….

Textusa had written a Friday post as per usual. I read it and it contained a minor inaccuracy. It stated that the McCanns, when they took their 3 children to the beach for ice cream, had claimed they went via Rua da Boa Pesca. Textusa asserted that this road is a cul-de-sac therefore it could not have been a viable route. I pointed out that although the road is indeed a cul-de-sac for cars, there is a pedestrian exit that takes one to the beach.

This correction was minor indeed, for it matters not a jot to Textusa’s massive conspiracy theorem. But from that point on, I found my comments were no longer welcome. I had become a persona non grata on Textusa’s blog. So we sort of went our separate ways.

At least until Textusa picked up a large slab from my blog, but credited it only to a blogger, without naming the blogger as ShiningInLuz. The disagreement this time was that Textusa was claiming that the records provided by the Ocean Club to the PJ had been doctored, whereas I, and others, simply thought that there were simple scanning errors in what was released to the public in the PJ Files. Now I was persona non grata, and non-nameable, though my blog was obviously being read.

As I picked up more personal expertise on the case, I lost interest in Textusa. Apart from not being a fan of massive conspiracy theories, I found the blog writing style was too convoluted for me. I could read through an entire post, in detail, reach the end, and think “what was that all about?”

On Friday, Textusa’s post was about the press reaction to the story of Luz tours. The post is at I won’t try too summarise it. As I said, the blog is overly convoluted in my opinion, so you can read the original and make up your own mind.

However, I would like to correct some errors.

The idea the piece in the Mirror was a stunt is accurate. As was the stunt by the Sun a few months before in characterising Luz and surrounds as a haven for paedophiles. Lurid, cheap, nasty and oh so easy. But the idea these stunts are part of some power play is nonsense. It is simply a way of generating income, nothing more, and nothing less. Madeleine is a cash cow for the media.

This article was replicated by the Sun and Daily Mail.” Note, I have quoted Textusa, without ever communicating personally with Textusa. Thank you Textusa for imparting information that I was unaware of.

One thing appears to be factual, and that is the Mirror reporters are not writing about what is being called ghoulish tours based on hearsay knowledge. They quote the guide in their article so it can be assumed they interviewed him and that makes the article to reflect, supposedly, first-hand knowledge.” This is a second quote from Textusa, without any interview having been conducted.

So whether you trust me on this or not, I have never been in direct touch with or interviewed by anyone from the Mirror, the media, or anywhere else. It was a copy and paste job, tacking quotes around it, just as I have done with Textusa.

It appears it was because of us, more specifically because of our visit to Luz, the reason why these tours were even conceived.” This might be true. I would need to check the chronology to be certain. I know that at the time Textusa’s flying visit was conducted, I was amazed how so much could have been missed. However, that illustrates how one knowledgeable about the case but lacking knowledge of Luz can get so much so wrong. Rather like the GNR, the PJ, the media, OG, and the Oporto team.

An early part of my blog makes it clear that within the family no-one had any interest in Madeleine McCann as none of us followed the story in 2007.” Believe this or not, as you wish. I had an odd family phone discussion with our son in America a few months back, and when the subject came up, his query was “who is Madeleine McCann?” Just another one who had never heard of her.

Textusa then hauls me up for correcting the Mirror article about using a photo of block 6 as the disappearance sight, but failing to point out that the photo above that, supposedly depicting the Tapas restaurant, in fact is not the Tapas restaurant. I did say in my response to the Mirror that I have never been within the Tapas area and never ever visited the Tapas restaurant as was, the pizza place it became, or whatever else might currently occupy the location. The ‘fake’ Tapas restaurant appears to be Hotel Luz Bay in SE Luz.

The interior of the Tapas restaurant might be of significance, but I have not poked around inside it, just as I have not poked around apartment 5A. Poking around is for others, not me.

According to Textusa, when the Sun regurgitated the Mirror article, it misrepresented the Tapas restaurant as the Habana, a popular beach café. The live webcam from the Habana is at

Textusa then goes into a tizzy about the trip to the beach. I never said it was alleged to be body disposal. I said it was about ice cream, and whether there is a pedestrian exit from Rua da Boa Pesca, which there is, but who cares.

The difficulty is my brain is not into red herring stories and my heart is not into this line of action.””

Lots of direct speech there. It’s evident that the blogger collaborated actively with the reporters, probably duped with his 15 minutes of glory for his loyal work, and there was a lot of it, in defending abduction as he supposed to be the want of the Lords of the Britains, who have been pulling the strings all along. We imagine he even jumped at the chance.”

Let me reiterate. I have not been interviewed by anyone for the Mirror piece. It is called copy and paste, just like I have done with Textusa. Have I had 15 minutes of glory – LOL! Have I been flame grilled – LOL!

Dear Textusa, it is cool to see that you read my blog with an eye for detail. Can I translate the PJ Files to a higher standard than exists at the moment? Yes I can. Because various people have flagged up problems with the current versions.

Dear Textusa, did you miss the bit where I said I know the person who lived to the immediate north of the area searched by Operation Grange in 2014, and he made clear that area was searched shortly after Madeleine disappeared?

Textusa was somewhat better than the Mirror in that at least I was depicted as being civil and not intruding on anyone. However, Textusa made several errors, one of which is depicting me as a hapless black pawn caught up in a titanic battle of powerful opposing forces. I think not. The Mirror wrote sensationalist rubbish wrapped around the name Madeleine McCann because the name Madeleine sells copies.

If you do read Textusa’s post on this story, keep a count of how many times ShiningInLuz is named. I think you’ll find I’m still persona non grata. Mind you, the graphics of my blog were a bit of a giveaway!


7 thoughts on “Madeleine – Textusa and the black pawn

  1. I’m sorry you’re being unfairly roasted like this. Textusa is pretty much unreadable like a whole lot of MMc material out there, and the parts I could read without a headache forming, are undigestible. Unfortunately a number of posters on the miscarriage of justice website are also obsessed with “the McCanns dunnit!” scenario, and there are many others who seem unnecessarily adversarial and into puerile point-scoring rather than actually making a coherent and convincing point. Maybe it’s just time for me to take a break from all things MMc…

  2. You obviously are based in Luz sure this is not important but it seems most of the blogs have the location of the creche on the night wrong was it not above the takeaway entrance opposite the tennis courts

  3. Interesting blog. The case has to be solved by the Portuguese P J, taking all the local socio-geographical facts into consideration. I agree with you, insofar as that has not been done. However, there cannot be any doubt about the McCanns’ implication in the disappearance of their daughter. The P J investigation, which was shelved in 2008, indicates that they are, and the Prosecutors’ final report implies that there has never been an abduction.

    Another proof of their guilt is that they are not the least interested to take advice from people like you, with knowledge about PDL and its surroundings, which they should be, considering that they fear that a paedophile has taken Madeleine, and don’t know how that person managed to unseen walk away with her in such a small summer resort.

    The questions, that remain to be asked are now WHY and HOW. None of them have been answered. Proving that Madeleine died in apartment 5A, which I claim the Portuguese P J are capable of, if they just tried, would also prove, that the McCanns or their friends must have disposed of her body. It is also reasonable to assume that Madeleine must have been hidden somewhere that night, not far away from the Ocean Club and then, at one point of time been transported in McCanns’ hired car, but may have been moved around many times before ending up in her final grave.

    I find your take on the Madeleine case very interesting.

  4. Just a thought you mentioned the issue of documents passed on from the OCi know of someone who was asked by UK police about that week in fact they were there the following week this information came from the OC any ideas?

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