Madeleine –

I have received a comment from With comments, I normally simply approve them to be added to whichever post is being commented on, but things seem to be getting much more complicated these days. Anyway, I thought the comment was worthy of a post of its own.

Please follow the link below for the official Portuguese police files.

All of the police files are translated into English by a marvellous team of talented translators. Attached to each translation are the Original Portuguese documents in jpg images.

Many thanks from McCann PJ files”

I use the mccannpjfiles a lot, therefore I have no hesitation in ‘advertising’ them.

Another link to the site you may wish to note is This brings up a page with a search facility that can be directed to search only the site itself. This gives me a very rapid and very powerful way of finding something that is stored in my brain but I cannot locate it in my own case index.

I have one caveat. Whilst I laud the work of the translation team, because that was a truly Herculean task, you need to be aware that some translation errors have crept in, as is to be expected in an opus of this magnitude.

Most of the time these errors are insignificant, and of no interest to man nor beast.

However, there are a few which ARE significant, and which alter our understanding of the case significantly..

These can be detected because, as explained by the McCann PJ Files contact above, all of the Portuguese stuff is posted as a jpg alongside the translator’s rendition in English. Those Portuguese images have proved very valuable indeed.

I have not had a contact from the McCann PJ Files before, so I have not collated a list of errors. And I have no intention of denigrating the site, the site owner, or the translation team by documenting these in public on my blog.

However, if the team at the McCann PJ Files would like to get in touch again, I believe some progress can be made in understanding what happened to Madeleine. Over to you at


3 thoughts on “Madeleine –

  1. Looking for a note that doesn’t exist ? Have you read this letter ?
    It’s clear that some files are missing for anybody, except for those who requested their exclusion from the PJFiles. The MCs, first victims, then arguidos, with the shelving of the case came back to their ordinary situation. Like you, like me. They got the same DVD. In those files there’s no note. Many people (translators) have looked, nobody found. But an indication about the receptionist’s saying exists somewhere. Do you know where ?

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