Luz – upturn in Sep 2016

September 2016 has not been a great month here in Luz for us. The weather has been delightful. But the heart of my heart has been ill, with a combination of chronic back pain and a strong desire to be sick. A combination which must be as awful as it gets.

We got a little bit better today. The back pain has eased off a bit, and there was a request for chicken soup, which of course I “cooked”. Pasta with some vaguely tastes-of-chicken flavouring from Knorr. The good thing is it appears the pasta went down and stayed down.

Tomorrow is the visit to the bank day re the mortgage on the house. This should actually be very interesting. It seems the Cãmara found numpty things illegal, so lots of stuff has been ripped out. This includes a small, round, above-ground ‘swimming’ pool. We fully intended to get rid of it. As to why it is illegal????

And it seems some paving stones have been ripped up?

Plus. It seems the Cãmara got the bank to undertake some work inside. The bank manager is currently tight-lipped about this. Perhaps there will be more to reveal tomorrow.


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