Luz – 29th August

There is a local tradition, here in Luz, in Lagos, and for all I know, across the Algarve. This party occurs on 29th August each year.

The ex-pats call it ‘The End Of Summer’. Portuguese locals are shocked by this. They insist that summer does not end until the end of September.

The tradition of the festa is that people from inland towns and villages come to the sea-side, and have a dip in the sea, followed by fireworks. It is a sort of celebratory cleansing.

I was thinking of going down to get some photographs to share, but the event in Luz was scheduled to start at 9pm. That’s nearly an hour after sunset, and my camera does not do good quality shots at night.

The other thing is that the fireworks were scheduled for midnight. I’m on my own at the moment, and I did not fancy spending 3 hours in Luz at that time of night. So I decided to stay in.

I happen to live on an urbanisation that is constructed very strangely in one certain respect. There is a single entry/exit point, which is not unusual. The urbanisation then fans out as it goes inland, and again, this is not unusual. What is odd is that there is one set of rubbish bins, and these are not at the entry/exit point, the logical place to site them. Instead, they are at one of the inland ends of the urbanisation, basically out of the way of 99% of the houses on the estate.

Despite this, lots of people still put their rubbish in the boot of their car, and drive out of their way to get to these remote bins.

The general refuse bin, the one used for leftovers and rotten meat, filled up totally about a fortnight ago. Still the car drivers came, and deposited black after black bag on the pavement. The pile was so big, you could not reach the actual bin itself. As to why the car drivers did not simply take the rubbish to another bin with spare capacity, your guess is as good as mine.

Returning to August 29th, there were lots of loud bangs at 10.40pm, so I thought the fireworks must have started, and I went out onto our upstairs balcony to see what I could see.

And to my amazement, the bangs had nothing to do with celebrating 29th August. It was the refuse workers, who at 10.40pm were out picking up the mountain of general trash that had built up. I can now get back to my daily routine of walking the rubbish across to the bin.

This little tale tells about how August 29th fits into party life here. It also tells you a tiny fact about the Madeleine McCann case. There is no reason to believe that all of the dumpsters were emptied on a daily basis, or anything close to it, in May 2007. Gonçalo Amaral’s check on the 188 bins of Luz is actually a little bit better than it appears at first sight.


26 thoughts on “Luz – 29th August

  1. SIL, it’s not a question of belief ! It’s a fact that the bins were emptied in 2007, all year round, every night except for Sunday. If you are not convinced that hygiene requires it (and tourism too), I’m sure you can check it yourself calling the camara municipal of Lagos, they are responsible for collecting the residuos solidos.

    Loose black plastic bags is another question. They aren’t supposed to exist. It could be a question of insufficient number of bins (there too you can call the camara municipal and ask for more bins and a better location for them), because I see sometimes old persons in Lisbon leaving a small bag close to a (not yet full) bin. Why not inside ?
    Bags can’t get inside of the truck without extra work and time (after emptying a bin, put bags inside and put the bin back on the truck’s lift), have you an idea of the quantity of waste in August compared to January ?

    • It’s a fact that I have regularly seen bins 100% full and overflowing in multiple locations that I have lived in since we heaved up to Luz in 2012. Perhaps things were different in 2007. I wasn’t here so I don’t know.

      I can call the Câmara about 2007 and expect what? If they were not emptying the bins in 2007, will they admit it? If I call the Câmara about the bin next to me, will they admit it has not been emptied for 4 weeks?

      Here are the facts. The bins are the 4-piece underground recyclable version. The general waste bin filled up around 2 weeks ago. I know that because I walk the rubbish to the bin each and every morning. Then the black bags started to appear. This went on for a further fortnight, until there was a small mountain of black bags.

      Then, at the time I least expected, the rubbish crew turned up very late at night, emptied the bin and carted off the black bags.

      The only evidence that exists of this now is that the bin cover is stained a deep brown from the rotting residue.

      August v January? Or August v May? I would assume due to the influx of tourists here, August would produce more rubbish than January or May. That should mean bin emptying is more frequent. But does anyone in Portugal work when it is August?

  2. I think that they’ll answer the truth, if you call them, SIL. By chance I called the Lisbon solid residues service this morning, because the paper bin hadn’t been emptied (in some parts of Lisbon, with old houses and space only for 1 bin, that bin is used for paper, plastic and residues according to the day). I said it was a pity, because I had spent so much time selecting paper and now people were putting garbage on top of that et patati et patata. They were very concerned and promised to check the situation.

    So I understand you have 4 underground bins, one for paper, one for plastic/metal, one for glass and one for garbage. You’re lucky ! I’m amazed that the garbage cave can resist for 2 weeks. Doesn’t it smell ? Flies? Rats ? Those bins didn’t exist (or had started to exist near the church) in 2007. The existing bins had really to be emptied every day for smelly reasons.
    I called Lagos in 2010 and asked if the truck was passing every night and they said yes. I’m sure you’ve got a good pretext to get an answer, since your bins were not emptied for so long. Say you are disappointed since you had been told the truck was very regular in the past.
    I guess they’ll take notice of your say, they certainly don’t go every day to check if the bin is full or not. Are the black bags bought in the supermarket or are they distributed by the Câmara ?
    The “Experts” called as well and got an affirmative answer.
    They have to work in August in the tourism business, it’s their best month.

  3. Hi SIL-

    I remember your original piece on this topic. If the bins were searched, however properly, 4 days later, part or surely most of them would have been emptied, rendering the search entirely pointless. What they needed to do was admit they’d made a boo-boo and map the bins at the land-fill, and then do a systematic search. It’s all so half-arsed. Your image of two policemen smoking while workers poke about at a bin and tick it off the list as it’s quitting time seems to be about right.

    A couple of things I wanted to ask you… also will be getting in touch with Heri soon. But for you: 1) in recent months I read a report that was still claiming the current line of investigation was considering the one or two couches Malinka supposedly dumped having fibres on it (not hairs, note, so maybe hairs, maybe clothing fibres) similar to ones found in G5A. Now… lost the link to the paper, but is that just bad journalism? That was done and investigated, right? And it came to nothing. Plus forensics have officially been closed. Why is that still showing up in comprehensive pieces about the current state of affairs? If they had anything, Malinka would still be an ‘arguido’, no? Baffled.

    2) Were you aware when you were trying to work out what the hell Clement Freud was up to, the McCanns were linked early on to a PR company called the Freud Agency, for whom Clarence Mitchell acted as consultant, which was started, sold and then reacquired by one Matthew Freud, son of knighted nonce Clement Freud? There’s your link right there, surely? Doesn’t explain what he was up to, mind.

    • The issue with dumped couches is two-fold. Malinka lived with his parents, so any couches would have belonged to them. The idea that Malinka swanned in to his parents’ flat with Madeleine in tow is ludicrous. And the way rubbish works does not fit. Option 1 take your rubbish to the nearest green bin and let the binmen take it away from there. Option 2 phone the câmara and get them to come round to yours to pick it up. Neither route alerts the police to anything, so I seriously doubt there are any ‘dumped couches’ in police possession.

      Freud’s son and the connection to Clarence does not explain why Clement first purchased Casa da Colina. And unless Clarence was on board with the son’s company at the time of the two visits of the McCanns to Casa da Colina, there is no link there either.

      • Wow, somebody snaffle the last sardine, or what?

        This is a bit silly. I wasn’t citing the couch as evidence, just wondering why it’s still part of the narrative. But, logically, if you had murdered a child on a couch, you wouldn’t leave it outside your door, nor phone the ‘câmara’ either. And who paid for the couch is irrelevant. The story might well be fiction, but none of your objections have any value.

        And Sir Paedo bought the villa before all this, I thought. The PR firm are around since the 85 IIRC. Recently unemployed Mitchell was on the scene from the start. He worked for the FA. Might well continue to do so. That is SP’s son’s company. How is that not a link? It’s something you’ve been interested in, so I thought I’d point it out as I just happened upon it, and as a courtesy. Not sure why you’re so narky about it. Plenty more fish in the sea.

  4. For the record, I enjoy sardine paste (a traditional component of Portuguese starter) but I can’t hack sardines (too many bones even for me).

    As to why the couches are still part of the narrative, as far as I can see, everything is still part of the narrative. If it is a story about Madeleine, it is part of the narrative. One of the evergreen searches on my site is still ‘scandal at Chaplins’. Another is CEOP on the Wayback machine.

    Mitchell was working for the govt when he went out to Luz to help or represent the McCanns. At the point that I see some evidence he was employed by Freud’s son at that time, I might get interested. To date, I have seen nothing.

    • Narrative was perhaps a poor choice or word. I wanted to know why the couch was still reported as being part of the trimmed-down investigation, when all available information suggests it shouldn’t be. This was an article in a national newspaper about the current state of the investigation, not what was happening in October 2007.

      And, much as I’d love to pique your interest… not that you needed it piqued, given the huge amount you’ve already written on the topic… I didn’t say he went out working for FA… everyone knows his role when he went out… it was subsequently that he was employed by them… he went from Kennedy’s to their books… and that does indeed predate the contact CF made with the McCanns. That’s your link. It’s not my fault you missed it. Don’t shoot the handsome messenger.

      • From Kennedy employ to the McCanns?

        Your original point was a link to Clement’s son because Clarence would be employed by him. So the key date is when Clarence started working for the son.

        Unless you are saying there was a link between Kennedy and Clement or between Kennedy and Clement’s son, I don’t see what relevance Kennedy has.

      • Again, not what I wrote at all. Struggling to understand your difficulty with comprehension. He was funded by Kennedy, then the Fund and worked for Freud’s son’s PA agency. It’s not complicated.

  5. It’s complicated, or is it?

    Mitchell was funded by Kennedy after leaving the FCO to become spokesperson for the McCanns.

    He might or might not have been funded by the Find Madeleine fund. I don’t know about that one.

    Clement met the McCanns twice in the PJ Files, in mid-2007.

    Which is the chicken and which is the egg?

    Was Mitchell employed by Clement’s son before or after Clement met the McCanns? If before, it explains why Clement got involved. If after, the only link is the other way around.

    • Fair enough- and actually, it was 2 months after the incident, rather than 3-5, that he invited them round. I thought it was a good bit later. In any case, the link is there, if perhaps inverted. Sir Clement made his way across the continent to arrive in Luz and schmooze the McCanns. Kennedy was paying Mitchell… after that he was paid by the Fund. Perhaps some of the schmoozing was the suggestion by Sir Clement that his son could help out. It is fairly unlikely just to be a coincidence… there are 64 million you people in or around Saxonia, and another 5 odd million of you ruining beautiful Mediterranean countries as ex-pats with your bowling clubs, toby jugs and beans and chips… it can’t be a coincidence out of the 70-odd million one of the paedophiles you queen knighted (of the circa 1 million) showed up to befriend the McCanns out of the blue, and then their chief PR adviser starts to bill his son for his services under a year later, can it? Let’s just say it’s not likely. It just seems it happened that way around, and not the other… which means speculation as to why he did the schmoozing remains valid.

      Also, I discovered a different source to suggest that Saxon paedophiles have been summering in Portugal for some decades… very specifically Portugal… that will need some pondering too.

      Glad you finally got around to Casa Pia, after many a prompt, though. Will let you know what I think of your piece on that topic down the line.

      • What happened to Sir Paedo? If you’re going to censor me, at least pull my typoes and all. The point is your ludicrous monarchy has bestowed the highest honour of your state on some of the most monstrous child abusers in modern history. If you don’t like Sir Paedo, replace with full name, and omit the title. I’d never call anyone Sir anything in seriousness. Please don’t put words in my mouth that I’d never use.

  6. I edit comments according to simple rules.

    It has to be legal. It must not contain libel. It helps if it has something to do with the facts.

    So, here is the law about libel, in Portugal, where this blog originates.

    A person is entitled to good name for 50 years after they die. I can get sued if I allow a breach of that.

    So it isn’t going to happen on this blog. I took out the parts in your comment which are libel in Portugal.

    Either provide proof of your allegations, or stop posting them, or watch them disappear. Your pick.

    • Yeah, you missed a few there, love. Pick up your game. Your state generally waits until about 50 years after they die to put them on trial, so you should be ok.

      Why am I getting annoying audio adverts on your site all the time now? it’s bloody annoying, and you can’t turn them off. You’ll be losing a whole rake of traffic if you don’t remove them (mine).

  7. I didn’t know you were, and I can’t turn them off.

    On each post WordPress explains that it may insert an advert (it says occasionally) into what it displays. That happens to be WordPress’ business model.

    Perhaps I have hit enough views that WordPress is now able to get advertising income from the blog.

    Oddly enough, I was fairly confident that with a string of posts on paedophilia WordPress would be avoiding my blog like the plague.

    Perhaps I need to pop in to an Internet café to find out what type of advert WP thinks goes well with paedophilia.

    But I have no off switch for the adverts.

    • It’s fecking infuriating. What’s the deal? Are you getting a monetised cut? They play on continuously making reading anything unpleasant… banks and what have you…

      • I don’t get a single cent from such ads.

        I take it ‘banks’ don’t understand what the bulk of my posts are about, ‘cos I can’t see them linking to a Madeleine site.

        I presume my blog is just in an assorted bundle making up numbers to a certain total.

  8. Perhaps the adverts are restricted to the UK? The vast majority of views occur in the UK, more than the rest of the world put together.

    I could get relatives in the UK to check, but as I cannot turn such adverts off I see little point.

  9. All I can tell is that no advert pops up on my blog, whatever the country. It’s a blogspot one.
    I do, with some other persons, have a free forumotion and we had to pay (about 25£ a year) not to have an advert banner on top.

  10. “A burglar had agreed to plead guilty to about 8 charges.”
    You mean “a burglar had confessed 8 crimes he was charged with” ?
    You don’t “plead” guilty here you can just acknowledge you’re guilty, sometimes the judge is more clement ; 22 years instead of the 24 asked by the prosecutor.
    The fact you lodge a complaint doesn’t automatically make you a partie in court when the predator is caught.
    When a guy stole my Mini and was caught, I had to listen to this guy’s whole life read by a PO and decide whether I wanted or not to pursue. I didn’t, it took 6 months before I got my car back, since the guy had been caught within it, it was evidence… When I got it back the 4 tyres were flat, they likely looked for drug, POs were laughing ! Do you think they helped me ?

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