Madeleine v paedophilia in Holland

Please note this is not a scholarly or definitive article about paedophilia in Holland. I wanted to get a little more information on the 2006 write-up by Correio da Manhã re paedophilia in Portugal, because I could not work out how such people manage to gravitate together.

A summary of the relevant part of the Correio da Manhã article is as follows.

Someone in Holland complained of historic paedophile abuse, and the alleged abuser was traced to Portugal. Once the man was arrested by the PJ, his son came forward to say that he had also been abused, and named 3 other victims. This lead to 4 men in total being arrested, each seemingly with US and Dutch passports, 2 in Holland and 2 in Portugal. The men were all described as IT experts, but Correio da Manhã says there was no report of pornographic material being found.

A quick search to find out how this case first broke and how it concluded produced nothing, other than some very unusual background information.

Vereniging MARTIJN was a paedophile club founded in Holland in 1984. This circulated a magazine to members by mail, featuring scantily clad children and giving advice on how to encourage the children. And it advocated for the legalisation of child sex and child pornography. The club was recently declared illegal and ordered to disband. After some going back and forth in the courts, it seems the European Court of Human Rights has agreed with this.

The home of the organization’s president, Ad van den Berg, was raided by police in October 2010; downloads of illegal material had been traced back to Van den Berg’s internet connection. This led to finds of child pornography.

Ad van den Berg had been one of the founder members of PNVD on 31 May 2006. This was a political party with only 3 known members. It had many aims, but key amongst these were the desire to legalise paedophile sex and child pornography.,_Freedom,_and_Diversity After some court battles, it was decided the party was legal, under freedom of expression laws, and it was permitted to stand in elections. However, it failed to gather the minimal support required for election entry, never contested an election, and was disbanded in March 2010.

Correio da Manhã stated the Dutch victims were between 8 and 16 and the abuse occurred between 1987 and 1991, in Amsterdam.

If you check the first link, you’ll find there is an ‘Amsterdam sex scandal’ of children in kindergartens. This is a Dec 2010 story that a Latvian in Amsterdam, 27 year-old Robert Mikelsons had been accused of abusing young children. He had acquired Dutch citizenship in 2008. He was married to Richard van Olfenn, who in turn was a long-term member of Vereniging MARTIJN.

Whether the Correio da Manhã story links directly via Vereniging MARTIJN, the Amsterdam sex scandal or neither is something I can’t be bothered to examine. This aspect of the case could take months and there is no hint that any child disappeared, unlike Madeleine McCann.


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