Madeleine v paedophilia 2

[25 Jul 2006 There is no reporter credited for this work. I have tidied up the translation only a little, where it was very obviously wrong, but please treat this as a rough copy, not a polished article. So far, this is the best insight I have seen into paedophile activity within Portugal shortly before Madeleine disappeared.]

Son of paedophile denounces network

Two US citizens, 55 and 67, suspected to be members of a paedophile network with links to the Netherlands, were arrested in Portugal.

The two arrests made by the Judicial Police in fulfilment of two international arrest warrants were held in Cascais, on 7 February and 14 June of this year, as part of an investigation carried out by the Dutch police.

[“Cascais is a coastal town and a municipality in Portugal, 30 kilometres west of Lisbon. It is a cosmopolitan suburb of the Portuguese capital and one of the richest municipalities in Portugal.”]

Dutch authorities have announced the dismantlement of the organization with the capture of four American computer experts.

According found the CM, the authorities had the collaboration of the son of one of paedophiles to live in our country, also victim, who have been instrumental in the identification of other suspects. So far they arrested four Americans (two in Portugal and two in the Netherlands) and identified three Dutch youth as victims. Police admit, however, that there are more offended, why only now realized the arrests and will proceed with the investigation.


According found the CM with the Dutch Police, the case arose from a complaint by three Dutch men who decided to report the sexual abuse that have been subject, in Amsterdam, between the years 1987 and 1991, at the time aged between eight and 16 years. Victims have only referenced the name of an American citizen in 1997, who was found to reside in Portugal.

Following the arrest of this individual, the son of the suspect revealed to the authorities that he had been a victim and collaborated with the police in identifying other elements that were part of the network. This will have been the fundamental track that led to the arrest of three other Americans.

The suspects are currently being held in the Netherlands, where they should be judged, since the alleged acts took place in Amsterdam. Detainees, holders of Dutch and American passports are computer experts. Despite this information, the Dutch Police made no reference to the possible seizure of pornographic material.

It is recalled that, in early July, the Spanish authorities have arrested 42 people suspected of being part of a child pornography distribution network over the internet. According to the Civil Guard of Navarre, Portugal was one of the photographs of recipient countries minors held in Spain.

The report of a 17 year old was behind the operation, which began after the detection of 27 photographic archives managed by a group of users in Spain and Andorra, which was part of an international network.


Carlos Silvino, principal accused of paedophilia process of Casa Pia, revealed at trial that in the 60s and 70s, the institution youngsters were brought to the United States, to “shoot and sex.”

In the 11th hearing, ‘Bibi’ identified an American as one of the foreign nationals who used to recruit kids at Casa Pia for sex: Ken Rogers, known as “the American friend” to help young casapianos.

“I gave them bath and gifts, kissed them. He did what he wanted, “advanced to the CM, in the edition of December 8, 2002, Father Antonio Emilio Figueiredo, 76, chaplain of the institution, who made complaint to the authorities. The case in Juvenile Court was filed and the priest away from the Casa Pia in 1971.


The Portuguese Information and Security Service (SIS) identified in 2000, three international paedophile networks to act in our country: one led by a French computer engineer and two British citizens. According to the SIS, the networks operating in the south bank of the Tagus, namely in Costa de Caparica. [This is basically just south of Lisbon, obviously on the coast. “Costa da Caparica is a Portuguese civil parish, located in the municipality of Almada along the western coast of the district of Sétubal. The population in 2011 was 13,418, in an area of 10.18 km².”]

Some of the key members attending the Eduardo VII Park and also counted on the collaboration of Portuguese citizens. These organizations are dedicated to the sexual exploitation of minors, which they enticed to sexual practices with a view to making films and pornographic photos. The SIS concluded that Portugal was one of Europe’s most popular destinations for paedophiles, but is not found on the main route of paedophilia.



About 209 paedophiles were in August last year, serving prison sentences in Portugal. The ages of those convicted of sexual abuse vary between 35 and 64 years. They were sentenced to between four and nine years in jail.


The abusers of arrests carried out by the Judicial Police have increased since the release of the Casa Pia paedophile scandal. In 2003, 93 individuals were arrested and, in 2004, PJ arrested 103 suspects. In 2005 it was opened 400 investigations and arrested more than 120 people. Most catches occurred in the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

[This is a fairly long post with a lot of information for you to digest, so I shall stop here and chew over the facts at a future date.]


9 thoughts on “Madeleine v paedophilia 2

  1. SIL, of course 😉 nothing to do with your chronicle. Perhaps you’ll find a way to convince Pegasus (who has been informed years back when she was Harmony, apparently in vain) that everybody in Portugal understands English. When someone is proud and aware their accent isn’t perfectr, they just pretend not to be able to speak. A very simple fact that explains why, apart from studying English before they’re 10, people do understand English. They watch TV, Portugal doesn’t produce much, they subtitle films, series, etc. (dubbing is too expensive), hence…
    You’re in Sweden by the North Sea, in a little village, you do your after dinner walk in a half dark lane, you cross somebody, you don’t speak Swedish, what do you do if the walker says “god kväll” or whatever ? Keep silent or at least say Good night, because the voice matters, not the words and at night that’s how we feel whether people are friendly or not.
    It was an Irish newspaper, yes, that mentioned Mary Smith asked “is she sleeping ?”. The fact that the child was obviously sleeping proves what I said above : what matters is the intonation.

  2. BTW, the way of carrying out of the plane seems perfectly normal, hence it’s not what’s at stake, imo. Gravity could be a hint.

  3. So was Smithman a tourist or not? Pride has nothing to do with it. If someone speaks to you, you smile at them at the very least……………………..that’s if you’re not a figment of someone’s over active imagination of course.

    • There are special circumstances about the night of 3 May 2007 (not Madeleine’s disappearance) to convince me that the encounter between Smithman and the Smiths occurred.

      After that, things get murky. I don’t think Smithman was a (non-Portuguese) tourist, but I can’t prove such.

      As to the head down/no response, and the reputed zig-zagging, none of that shows up in the Smiths original statements. You therefore have to pick out of that what you will.

  4. About the zig-zagging… limited ! “the individual was descending to his (Peter S’s) right, and went around the deponent in the middle of the street”.
    About the head down, “it was the way Gerard McCann turned his head down which was similar to what the individual did on 3rd May 2007 when we (Martin and Mary S) met him”. As Smithman didn’t turn away his head, I am prone to think it was more a muscular issue.

  5. Check the files. Peter Smith, in the PJ visual re-enactment, was on the pavement on the right side of Primary School Street, making it impossible for the centre of the street to be to his right.

    Either the statement is correct, (which puts Peter on the LHS of the street) or the re-enactment is correct (and Peter was on the RHS).

    Take your pick as to which you prefer.

  6. Had you checked the PJFiles, you’d know that those are quotations 1) From Peter Smith and 2) from Martin Smith.
    Are you seriously suggesting a choice between a re-enactment that doesn’t exist in the PJFiles and the statements by the protagonists that are in the PJF ?
    Or are you kidding ?

  7. This covers the statements of the Smith family. The trio wen back to Portugal on 26 May 2007, first gave statements, then went back to Luz to work the PJ through their encounter.

    The link contains the only photo of Aoife I have seen to date.

    Upon rechecking the documents in Portuguese, I see that Peter’s statement can be interpreted in 2 ways. That the man was on Peter’s right, or that the child was across Smithman’s left shoulder, which was to Peter’s right.

    Moving on to Martin Smith, I can see no reference to anything abnormal in his first statement. I have no idea precisely when the idea originated that Smitman was weaving, that Smithman turned his head down, or that Smithman was spoken to and did not respond. I have no intention of spending hours tracking this down. By the time Gerry flew into the UK in Sep 2007, Martin Smith had a lightbulb memory experience that he did not have on 26 May 2007. Gerry came down the airplane steps looking down to make sure he did not fall over.

  8. Whatever the reason why GMC looked down and you’re probably right that he watched his step, Martin S thought it could be what triggered his memory of Smithman. Either this or the “uncomfortable” aspect of a normal way of carrying a child (as if S wasn’t trained to that ?)

    No lost in translation, MS’s original statement to the GardaÏ
    Peter S and his wife and possibly his daughter were walking in the middle of the street as there was no trafic. Smithman passed them on their right, going on the east side of the street. As, after he crossed towards the west part of the street, then crossed 25 de Abril turning east again, hence kind of zigzag.

    There’s no mention of any of them saying anything to Smithman in the PJFiles (this was in an Irish article). Again I find it extraordinary, my experience in small at night deserted places in Portugal is that anyone would say hello or smile or wave.

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