Madeleine – Luz tour #4

Luz tour #4 is now undergoing preparation. This one is going to be quite challenging, but I like challenges, so it also means it should be particularly interesting.

It is scheduled for a tad later in the season, at a time when Portugal can be dry and sunny, or the heavens can be falling out of the sky. So I need two Luz tours #4, one for the dry, one for the wet.

The dry one is quite straightforward, assuming I can depend on a pair of solid walking shoes. The number of places around here related to the Madeleine McCann case that take a bit of walking is enough to fill a week of anyone’s life.

The wet one is the challenge. At the moment, I think I have got that one cracked. But it is one of those situations where I need to sleep on it. In the morning, I will either reject my idea as one of the dumbest things going, or I will think I have beaten this challenge perfectly. I have had so many adventures in Portugal in the rain.

It will hinge on whether this year is an El Niño (which we got last winter, and boy was it wet) or a La Niña, which gives us good autumns.

Here’s a photo of an interesting place that turns up regularly as the most searched for topic on my blog – the Barragem da Bravura. This is reputed to be a good day out, at least when the weather is dry.

Barragem da Bravura

Notice the length of the shoreline, and the roughness of the terrain. This is approximately where the hunt for Madeleine McCann ground to a close when the physical search stopped in May 2007.


14 thoughts on “Madeleine – Luz tour #4

  1. Quick question: do you have any knowledge of the locations at which JCdS, RR and PR lived in Luz at the time of the abduction? Cheers

    • Yes, aware of that… thought it was on an apartment balcony. What is ‘LuzTur’? Tourist Office?

      Never mind, anyway, I found out where they all live. It’s quite interesting.

      Next question: I re-read your post on Paulo Jorge Ribeiro… Honestly, when I’m in the process of looking up this case, I give you such hits across the various devices I use at work, you definitely owe me a pint.

      But will accept the following instead: did you ever find a photograph of the above ‘arguido’?

      • Actually, would like to see a clear photo of the lot of them… rather than the head-down, pixelated, back of a car shots… do we have any at all?

  2. I’d suggest getting in touch with Heriberto, who is the expert in this angle.

    LuzTur is the large block stretching from Primeiro de Maio to Rua Helena do Nascimento Baptista. It’s much taller than anything else in Luz so it is easy to pick out on Streetview. It’s commercial on the ground floor, with apartments above.

    There is a clear photo of the driver, dating to the time the 3 were made arguidos Herberto may have RR on photo/video as he was quite active on social media re a local group. I can’t remember seeing any photo of the 3rd man.

    • Will have do drop him a line. He’s written some interesting stuff.

      Tell me, who was it that saw head-the-ball on the balcony on a search? Was it O’Brien? O’Brien and someone else, IIRC, after they split into pairs, or am I misremembering?

      And do you remember the name of the lady who saw the two men arguing in the street?

      (There was also some sort who said she heard someone shouting suspicious stuff down a phone which I always thought sounded like BS… but that was around there and all, no?)

      Do you remember Redwood suggesting they had a witness statement that put a possible ‘Smithman’ entering a business? Did that disappear? LuzTur is a business, as you say… What do you think?

      My head hurts. I remember why I left this case alone now. A million leads in a million directions.

  3. Book wherever you wish. I don’t have special arrangements with any accommodation provider in Luz.

    A tour of ‘everything’ takes about 7 hours, mostly on foot. Since I have reached the age of not being able to walk for 7 hours in a single day, that is better split over 2-3 days.

    If there are particular aspects of the case that interest you, please let me know so that I can tailor the tour to fit.

    And I would be grateful if you could give me, say, about 4 weeks advance notice. That is simply to avoid a clash with anything else that is going on in our family life.

    • Thanks for your reply. I was planning on coming to the area in around three weeks – would that be too soon? It’s not set in stone though, so we have got a bit of flexibility if you are not free.
      Is there a way I can arrange details with you? Don’t want to post on this blog things like that as don’t like to put dates of when I might be away from home on a website! I hope you understand.

    • For those with a modicum of expertise in the case, why not?

      The GNR had little expertise in the case, and they could benefit from local knowledge.

      The PJ had little expertise in the case, and they could benefit from local knowledge.

      Operation Grange had little expertise in the case, and they could benefit from local knowledge.

      The English and Portuguese media had little expertise in the case, and they could benefit from local knowledge.

      It seems these parties prefer to remain ignorant of the scene where this incident took place. Such is life.

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