Madeleine v paedophilia 1

In June 2016, Joana Morais gave her take on paedophilia within the Algarve. Her blog entry was posted after Sir Clement Freud was featured on Exposure for allegedly abusing two under-age girls and made the connection to paedophilia on the Algarve.

The latter bit is the part I want to focus on, but for the moment I need to clear out a couple of minor points.

Joana’s article is at This is quite long but also quite interesting and focusses on the interaction between Kate and Gerry McCann and Sir Clement.

In my last mini-post, I identified that the phone calls back and forth between Freud and the McCanns had gone up to 5. Joana’s article mentions two more, which should push the total to at least 7.

“Clement Freud returned to Praia da Luz on 31 August and called Gerry that day. ‘Is it true, Gerry?’ he said, without preamble.” This date fits in with two calls from Gerry’s mobile to Casa da Colina a couple of days later.

“At 9.50pm, I rang Clement. ‘Come on round,’ he said. ‘It’ll be nice to see you. But you’ll have to forgive my night-time attire.’ This was on the day the McCanns were made arguidos, and it should appear in Kate McCann’s call log.

Now on to the major point, which is establishing the situation re paedophiles in Portugal in 2007, more specifically in the Algarve, or some connection between Portugal/Algarve paedophiles and Madeleine McCann.

Judiciary police monitored the movements of British, German and Dutch sexual predators in the Algarve.

by Rui Pando Gomes

The Judiciary Police (PJ) monitored the movements of about a dozen foreign paedophiles in the Algarve, after Madeleine McCann disappearance in 2007, but never investigated the former Member of the Parliament Clement Freud, accused of paedophilia in the UK and who used to vacation in Praia da Luz, in Lagos.

The English police, during the investigation to the Maddie case, sent the Portuguese authorities a list of British subjects referenced for paedophile acts, who also had connections to the Algarve. This list was also part of the process (investigation process) to the disappearance of the English child, but, CdM was able to establish the English authorities demanded the list to be confidential. In addition to the British paedophiles, police investigators have also monitored, in the recent years, the movements of German and Dutch nationals.”

If this Correio da Manhã information is anywhere close to correct, the British police sent a list about of about 10 or 12 paedophiles who had connections to the Algarve. (I have no idea how the Dutch and German authorities chipped in.)

This is a very small list. Quite obviously, it does not include anyone who was, say, a Portuguese or Spanish paedophile, and not on the UK radar.

It also excludes those of the alleged Algarve paedophiles who have featured in the media recently.

Sir Clement Freud was not on the list. Nothing came out about him until well after he died in 2009.

Christian Ridout was not on the list. Sending obscene texts to a 12-year-old in Portugal does not get you on a UK sex offenders list.

James Watson, a suspect in the murder of Rikki Neave, surely was not on the list. In that case, there is no evidence of paedophilia and no connection to the Algarve.

Is this an accurate picture of paedophilia on the Algarve?


7 thoughts on “Madeleine v paedophilia 1

  1. Short answer: no. Clearly not.

    Hey, the press report that they’ve given up on the forensics you wrote about here on hair samples from G5A. Any thoughts on that?

    OG had said they’d wrap up after the last line of investigation is brought to its conclusion. I don’t think the forensics was that line, as it seems they wrapped it up some months ago, but just announced it now. The last line seems to involve specific suspect(s). Any ideas which line they’re still pursuing? Have a guess if not.

  2. The accurate answer is, of course, that I don’t know.

    The favourite appears to be the local trio exchanging phone messages around the time of the disappearance.

    While Hogan-Howe said one line of enquiry, he seemed remarkably vague as to detail re the status of OG. The guy above Nicola Wall said, a week before HH, that there were a few remaining lines of enquiry. Personally, I would take that as more likely than the HH info.

    • An accurate answer from you is subjective… but would also take into account all the relevant information which is available to you. So if you’ve a shorter list provided by the police than the list you’ve got in your back catalogue, then it’s probably a safe bet to say the 10 paedophiles on the police list did not a comprehensive list make.

      I don’t know. For the sake of justice you’ve got to hope they’ve more than one lead still feasible. If there is, then I suppose there’s hope they’ll crack it.

      I’m not optimistic, as you know, and I think we agree about that, at least! 😛

      However… here’s something I haven’t a clue about, and I think you’ll be able to enlighten me… the PJ files are censored, yet contain a wealth of information. The availability of such information is part of what makes this tragic case so intriguing. I don’t know the legality behind this, and am not quite sure why they’re accessible. I think there was a gap of about a couple of years before the files were available. Was that a Freedom of Information international request, or just the way the Portuguese go about investigation files, publishing them after a set period?

      So, IF OG pack it in, what are the chances of any of their files becoming public? I am dying to know what they were ploughing all those resources into… Are you not?

  3. Access to the files of a shelved criminal investigation is allowed to anyone who justifies their request. Lots of journalists were interested in the MC case files but who could afford to spend weeks in Portimão consulting them with an interpreter ? The Public Ministry upgraded and produced a DVD. Did they expect that individuals would translate the files pro bono and publish them on the Web in a nutshell ?

  4. I don’t think we will get much if OG packs in, simply because the Brits will request that the UK side is not published.

    We might get the rogatory letters, which would be interesting. We might get the rogatory interviews, which would be very interesting.

    Paedophile 1 means there is more to come on paedophiles. Post 2 will have more information.

    The PJ Files were released in normal manner upon archival of the case. But because the Madeleine case lit up the universe, the files got published like never before.

    • Thanks for the answers, you two. I don’t know if you have paid taxes in the UK, but if I had, I’d be adamant that I’d want to know precisely how they spent that money.

      May I ask you: how much do you trust the police? The English police? The Portuguese police? Do you think either corrupt or corruptible? Do you think there is evidence out there with regard to this topic that shows them to be so? Do you think there are similar cases to this in which corruption has been evident in either country? Is there any evidence of corruption with regard to this case in particular?

      Leave the competency for now- it’s patently obvious that the Portuguese at the very least neglected to follow police procedure when investigating a serious crime- I’m more interested in corruption, and your thoughts on same.

  5. I don’t believe in corruption in that kind of case (I’m not excluding it in others). The Portuguese were deeply worried about the little girl’s fate, of course they hoped they would find her and give her back to her family, how happy would they have felt ! It was perhaps wishful thinking, but I can’t blame them for that.
    I don’t think any “serious crime” happened, I don’t think that little Madeleine was the prey of paedophiles, no.
    Whatever happened was a tragedy, in the Greek sense of the word.

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