Madeleine – Freud – Gerry’s phone calls

Gerry’s calls to Casa da Colina, and presumably to Sir Clement Freud, were floating about on the Internet recently. These are in the graphic below.

Gerry's calls to Casa da Colina

To be honest, I wasn’t overly interested in the parameters of the calls. One can only guess as what was said, based on the date, time and duration of the calls.

However, the source I picked these up from thought they were in the PJ Files, but could not be certain. Being wary of duff information, I wanted to find the calls in the PJ Files, and I did. They are at and 029.jpg.

Here is a copy of page 003.jpg.

Gerry's calls to Casa da Colina 003

Please note the two calls do have a valid origin, but there are 3 calls from Gerry to Casa da Colina on this sheet, not two.

Here is a copy of page 029.jpg

Gerry's calls to Casa da Colina 029

The other two calls show up here.

So in total, the two pages show 5 calls from Gerry’s mobile to the land-line at Casa da Colina.

I have not attempted to track down any further calls between the McCanns and Sir Clement Freud, for all sorts of reasons. Digging through page after page of these records to see if there are any more calls seems like a waste of time. Then there is the question of whether Freud ever phoned Gerry. And Kate’s incoming and outgoing calls. And the spare mobile phone given to them on 4 May 2007. Plus any phone calls occurring when Freud was in the UK. Plus the fact that communication between Freud and the McCanns seems to have changed to include emails.


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