Madeleine – from Freud to the Pig’s Head

Robert Hurst, the landlord at the Pig’s Head in Burgau, joined the Justice Forum (Miscarriage of Justice), and gave sufficient information to allow me to work out the likely stages in the trail from Clement Freud to the outskirts of Burgau.

To start at the beginning, Exposure on ITV on 15 June 2016 alleged that two under age girls had been groomed by Freud, thus making him a paedophile. There was no mention in Exposure of Madeleine McCann nor of Luz.

At the same time, the media linked Sir Clement Freud to the McCanns. See This is dated/timed before Exposure went on air, so people somewhere were doing a bit of research in advance.

The link is Sir Clement inviting the McCanns to his holiday villa in Luz in July 2007 for a meal. A far as I am aware, this was reported in Kate’s book ‘Madeleine’, but nowhere else. If this is correct, the media has amazing indexes on the McCann case. We now have a chain of Freud – paedophile – McCanns – Luz. What comes next?

The next step is digging into the PJ Files etc. for references to paedophilia. Up pops Robert Murat, on the basis that he had a clipping in his house that Casanova might have been a paedophile. And up pops the Plough and Harrow, on Rua Direita in Luz.

The tale with the Plough is that the son of the landlord is alleged to have been grooming a 12 year old girl, and then got hounded out of Luz. I shall return to that tale another time.

For the moment, we have a chain that looks like Exposure – Freud – paedophile – McCanns/Luz – Plough. The question now is how the link was then made to the Pig’s Head in Burgau.

Mr Robert Hurst stated that the visit of Antonella Lazzeri and colleague to the Pig’s Head was made on Friday June 17. This gave the Sun 3 days from the pre-release of the Exposure material to working out another McCann story was in the offing, and then establishing the potential involvement of the Pig’s Head.

Mr Hurst clarified that a link had been made between Freud and the Pig’s Head, and the origin of this was a barman who had previously worked in the Pig’s Head, and now worked elsewhere as a barman. The information had been gleaned by Antonella Lazzeri on a visit to a pub in Luz.

Mr Hurst declined to name the pub in Luz, saying to do so might be interpreted as sour grapes. The most obvious pub in Luz would be what was then the Plough, because of the alleged paedophile connection.

If correct, this makes the chain Exposure – Freud – paedophile – McCanns/Luz – Plough – barman – Pig’s Head, with Robert Murat tacked on for good measure. And this seems to be the mix appearing in the Sun and related articles.


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