Madeleine – Clement Freud villa

Sir Clement Freud, his villa in Luz, and his alleged interest in underage girls has popped to the top of the ‘news’ stories recently.

In an ITV documentary from 15/6/16, Exposure – Abused and Betrayed : A Life Sentence, two women accused Freud of paedophilia. A third came forward soon after.

For the moment, all I want to establish is where the villa is. Here is a photo of the villa from the current press.

View over SCF villa

The location of the villa has already been identified in the media. Here is the graphic. Please note, this is slightly inaccurate. The villa is somewhat to the north and on the opposite side of the road.

Location of SCF villa

I had worked out from the first photo where the villa should be, so I went off and Googled it. Here is what I found.

SCF villa 2014

Now, it struck me that the sugar cube structure, with no windows, placed on top of the building was a tad odd. So I enquired about it.

Here is the best explanation I have heard. It is a store room. It seems if you get permission to build a store room, it makes it easier to then get permission to build another level on top.

The road beside the villa has already been featured in the Madeleine McCann story. It is how one gets from Luz to the top of the cliffs to the east. The photo of Kate and Gerry jogging not too long after the disappearance comes from somewhere along this road.


9 thoughts on “Madeleine – Clement Freud villa

  1. The media has taken the Exposure programme, which had no mention of Madeleine or Luz, dug out the part that after Madeleine disappeared the McCanns were invited to Freud’s villa in Luz, and wrapped it together with a friend saying the McCanns were horrified to find out about Freud.

    That is not reporting news. It is generating column inches.

    In this post, I have not reported news. I have generated a post that simply clarifies the position of the villa.

  2. I didn’t watch that, but if there was no mention of Madeleine or Luz, how did the media dig out something that wasn’t there?

    Look, we all know that the press, red-tops generally, but even broadsheets, use this infamous case to boost interest/clicks/sales. Twice recently I’ve seen pictures of Madeleine pop up in my newsfeed from sources, broadsheet… and neither had anything to do with the case- one was, disturbingly, about a completely different child murdered by a paedophile some 40 years ago… I can only assume it was a mistake, as no link was apparent in the body of the text. And then there was another one last week… again, nothing to do with this case, but the photo that popped up in IE when you opened a new page was of Madeleine.

    But this example, I would argue, is news. News to me, anyway. I’d never heard of this paedophile, or his luxury Luz villa, nor of his victim pressing the police in regard to the McCann case, nor his inviting the McCanns into his home.

    And I’m sure the McCanns weren’t thrilled with the news. It reminds me of the policeman in charge of looking after the parents in the Soham murders case later being charged for owning paedophile pornography.

    But, what the press have done here seems completely valid to me. It’s relevant information to the case, and even a possible lead in its resolution.

    I’m guessing it has annoyed you, though, because it’s one more paedophile to add to the extensive list who supposedly specifically chose Luz/Algarve/Portugal as a place in the sun, and that’s something you seemingly don’t wish to address.

    But that does not make this a ‘non-news’ story. It’s absolutely news as far as the McCann case is concerned.

    (BTW, I would have replied sooner, but the site is acting up for me… eating letters as I post them… been doing it a lot lately)

    • How and why the media made the connection is far from certain. The following is my best guess, but it could be wrong.

      ITV had Exposure in the making. The Sun got the gist it would be about Freud and allegations against him. Someone in the Sun remembered the links between Freud and the McCanns. It gets multiple entries in Kate’s book, and these are all in the book index. Thus far, everything is easy.

      The owner of the Pig’s Head claims two men came in for a drink, and as they were leaving, extracted info about Freud and Murat. Despite them having been in the Pig’s Head some 12 years apart, the Sun reworks that to them being on nodding terms. Then it cobbles that together with the alleged Paedo Pub, making it look like the Pig’s Head is connected to some sort of ring.

      How did the Sun get its info about the Paedo Pub? It’s in the PJ Files, and I’ve no doubt the Sun tracks this sort of opportunity.

      How did the Sun get the notion that Murat or Freud used the Paedo Pub? There is nothing in the PJ Files about Freud at all. There is nothing in the PJ Files about Murat’s local. So that would require going to the Paedo Pub and asking. That’s impossible, since the landlord/landlady of the Paedo Pub sold up and moved on years ago. So the idea the pair used the pub is almost certainly pure invention.

      But how did the Sun get to the Pig’s Head? I wonder if they did. The landlord’s response to the story is the third comment on the story, which suggests to me he was watching for the story. And the Sun clearly states it pays for tips. I suspect the landlord of the Pig’s Head got in touch with the Sun with info about Freud and Murat, waited and watched for the story to appear, and was then horrified at the inference that Freud and Murat were on some sort of paedo expedition in the Pig’s Head. Not the sort of advertising he wanted.

      I intend addressing the issue of Freud/Luz further, the alleged Paedo Pub, and the most accurate estimate to date of the paedophiles in the Algarve, but I predict you are going to find the latter disappointingly small.

      • I don’t know. I reckon if you call a hostelry ‘The Paedo Pub’, you’re probably asking for trouble and will attract a dodgy clientele. No wonder the place is inundated.

    • Are you sure? Damn, I thought I was onto something. Paedo Pub, Nonce Nightclub, Kiddy-fiddle Kabana, suddenly the numbers of perverts made sense.

      It’s clear now that you’re reacting to an article which I haven’t read!

      • The PJ files published were supposed to have removed all details of offenders with sex offence records. However, two remain. One is the reference to the pub, and from that it can be worked out who the offender is.

        Anyone combing through the PJ Files would be able to glean this story. Given the ‘paedo in Maddieville’ angle, it could be that the press labelled it the paedo pub, or some variation thereof, when the PJ Files went public.

        Just to be clear, there is no link to Freud in the Files.

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