Luz – England v Wales

I am trying out an idea in Euro 2016 for when I move from Luz to Portelas.

I like cooking. I like good food. So I am trying to think what combines good food with current events. England v Wales at Eruo 2016 must be worth a starter before the game, a main meal at half time, and a postres afterwards.

So what can I cook that is typically English and quintessentially Welsh? That’s a tough call.

I am ruling out the bog standards of roast beef v Welsh lamb. That is below the belt. I want something different.

So here it is. England v Wales. One starter, one main, one afters, each.

Here is the line-up for England. Starter – English muffins – take your pick as to what goes on them. Main – I thought about the Cornish pasty, but the steak and kidney pie just won it. The dessert is English scone with Devonshire cream.

Here is the line-up for Wales. Starter – Welsh rarebit (not just roasted cheese). Main – Welsh oggie (Cornish pasty, but with lamb and leeks). Afters – Welsh lemon cheesecakes. Oddly, the key ingredient is raspberry.

Please feel free to come out to Portelas to sample them.


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