Madeleine – contacting ShiningInLuz / Elça Craig

For whatever reason, I have had 3 requests or enquiries about a direct communication line of a one-one nature, within the past fortnight.

I happen to have multiple email addresses. I am not on Facebook and I don’t use Skype or Messenger.

In the main, my email addresses are set up with usernames, just as Elça Craig and ShiningInLuz are usernames. I do not hand out any email addresses that I use for personal business, for obvious reasons.

And I don’t hand out any email address to any individual, at least until I can examine their track record.

There are 3 ways to get in touch with me.

First, make a comment on any post on the ShiningInLuz blog, and the software will alert me to the comment. Please note how this works. The first time a person makes a comment, WordPress puts it into a queue for moderation, and I get to see the email address of the originator. If I approve it, then all subsequent comments from the same email address go straight onto the blog i.e. they go public straight away.

Second, I am on the Miscarriage of Justice forum as ShiningInLuz. You can use the PM system there if you wish to have a private exchange.

Third, I am on the Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann forum, aka Jill Havern forum, as Elça Craig. Again, you can use the PM system there if you wish.

98% of what I do is published in public, whether on ShiningInLuz, Miscarriage of Justice, or CMoMM. The remaining 2% is via PM and email, because the nature is private.

So why do I use usernames on forums and on my blog? I see a lot of people for whom the Madeleine McCann case is about them, as if they want major roles in a stage drama. I want the exact opposite. I prefer to remain anonymous, in the background, a non-character in the case. That means my musings are more likely to be judged on merit alone. And hopefully, that in turn maximises the chance of working out what happened to Madeleine McCann.


7 thoughts on “Madeleine – contacting ShiningInLuz / Elça Craig

  1. Hi,

    Having read Kate’s book, I was aware of the link to CF, but to be honest, I thought it was just a bit of celebrity name-dropping.

    I haven’t heard any gossip in Luz about CF, so the allegations were news to me.

    I thought last night’s ‘Exposure’ was very bland, but perhaps it had to be.

    I intend to do a post on this, as the possible alternatives are quite interesting.

    I don’t know where the villa is. To date, I have spent perhaps 15 mins trying to match up the photo of the villa with the location, and so far I have not narrowed it down beyond the east of Luz. But I will. Find it, that is.

  2. My name is Michael Ha tfield I did ask are the tours open or finished I understand the press have not been kind

  3. The tours remain 100% open.

    They are 100% legal and do not contravene any Portuguese law.

    There is no charge for a tour. I do not make a single Euro-cent from them.

    Are they in good taste? I have never had anyone wish to gawp at apartment 5A. The media did that aspect to death years ago.

    Are there things you can learn about the case that you have never heard before? Probably.

    Will our understanding of what happened to Madeleine be progressed? Probably not. What a shame.

  4. Hello, I’m following your blog and receiving your posts. I’ve been following this amazing story since the beginning. I’m now in Algarve, and for the next two days. Is there any change we could meet in Luz or Lagos? I’m very interested about the next tour and would like you to include me on your guest list. Do you have planed a date for it so I can set my stuff and go to Luz? Please contact me via email and I will give you my phone number. It would be great if we could chat about Madeleine story.
    Thank you!

  5. Sorry, I have explained before why I cannot do it this way round.

    At the moment I am sitting under a thunderstorm, so no go for a tour.

    Plus today had to be spent sorting out a major family matter – no choice.

    We may have to visit your neck of the woods in the not too distant future, so if you want to spend some time with me then, let me know so I can get in touch.

  6. Yes, there was such a big storm! Of course, it would be great if we can be in touch. Please email me and let me know when your are available. Fortunately I have some free time for my interests, is just a matter of set my agenda. Thank you.

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