Luz – the Queen at 90

It was a bit of an odd weekend. Things actually kicked off on Friday 10th, but I didn’t hear about it till Saturday.

We had glorious weather – blue skies – lots of sun – enough of a breeze to stop us from cooking. Perfect.

Then I noticed I could not get onto the Internet, and my PC display looked a bit dim. We have a large interior patio, inside 3 power-operated shutters, and the shutters were not working.

We had no electricity.

When the electricity is cut off, we get the usual restrictions. No electric toaster, kettle or oven. The gas boiler uses electricity to monitor its status, so it shuts down when the supply is removed, meaning no showers. The fridges and freezers are on high risk. No washing machine and no dishwasher. Luckily, our hob is gas, so though the igniters didn’t work, a match meant breakfast and a cup of tea was possible, as long as we didn’t want toast with our boiled eggs.

And that is when reality struck.

With no electricity our phone system and Internet do not work, so we were without our TVs, which work only by the Internet, and any form of wi-fi connection. So, what to do?

We managed to rustle up two ideas of pastime that do not involve electricity – Scrabble and boule – and since the weather was particularly pleasant, we opted to go out into the garden and played boule for the first time in about a year. I romped into a commanding lead that got whittled down and whittled down, and in the final end, I got thrashed 4-0 to lose the tournament by a very fine margin.

At this point, I offered to go inside and get us a cold soft drink while we soaked up some vitamin D in the sun. And when I went back in, there were house lights on, which meant, ta-ra, the electricity was reconnected, Hurrah!

I took the cold drinks out, and went to the loo for a comfort break, flushed and, ta-ra, the loo did not refill. Now our water was cut off. In a place where we usually use bottled water for drinking, this is fairly minor. Still no showers, washing machine or dishwasher, but at least most things worked.

In total, electricity + water, I would reckon we were cut off for about 6 hours, and there is never any warning here – all you get is that the supply is not working so it must have been cut off.

As it happens, we were relatively fortunate. We have now heard about a slab of Luz that was cut off from 9am to 9pm on Friday 10th. Ouch!

What has any of this got to do with the Queen at 90? When an incident like this happens, you phone a friend to see if they have been cut off, and they phone you to get any info you have.

It turned out that were were phoned by someone trying to pre-prep a meal for a Queen at 90 bash for Bar Carib. The electricity cut did not seem to have caused problems. The water cut was an issue. We could not solve the problem as we did not have mains water either.

Move on one day and it was Sunday, 12 June 2016, the Queen’s official 90th birthday. Once again, it was very fine weather. The Bar Carib is in the NW of Luz. It is away from the tourist areas. AFAIK, there is no connection to the Madeleine McCann case. It is just a place where ex-pats have a get together. Perhaps with a bit of tennis and a bit of swimming, It has a fairly modest interior, but quite a large and pleasant exterior. All together, a decent place to celebrate the Queen’s 90th in the sunshine.

Those attending consisted of 70+ adults, and there was a kids pool party with about 20 children. The festivities kicked off at 12 midday, and it was time for home at 9pm. The food was unspectacular. The memory was unforgettable. There was music, and what was the most popular?

God save the Queen.


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