Madeleine – blood spatter analysis 2

The spots in the crime scene are marked with CSI numbers as follows. Spots 1 to 3 are on the floor, where the tiles were removed. Spots 4 to 13 are on the walls behind where the sofa is. Spots 14 and 15 are on the rear of the sofa.


Each spot first was swabbed with a dry swab, giving an A sample, then with a swab wetted in distilled water, giving a B sample. For example, for spot 9 there are swabs 9a and 9b.

The FSS report also considered a spot collected on 4 May 2007 by an earlier forensic analysis team. That spot was on a bedcover of a bed in the room where the 3 children slept in apartment 5A. The bed was the one by the bedroom window i.e. not Madeleine’s. A reagent test had given a weak positive result for semen.

The FSS checked a sample database of 282 volunteers against 4 specific spots. The report does not say who these volunteers were, but judging by the results, they were people connected to apartment 5A in some manner, as a match was found for just one person, a previous occupant. Note a test re Madeleine’s DNA will be covered elsewhere.

The spots were 1, 4, 9 and 16. I have yet to identify where spot 16 was.

The match was against spot 9, and this also matched the stain on the bedcover. The person identified was Charlie Gordon, a boy aged 2 years and 3 months when he was in the apartment, together with father Paul Gordon and mother Saleigh Gordon. They had been in 5A for the week prior to the visit of the McCanns.

Saleigh Gordon stated that while there, Paul Gordon had cut himself shaving, and had bled for a considerable time, but that neither she nor her children had bled.

This raises an issue re Eddie and Keela, and handler Martin Grime. The options re Paul Gordon bleeding appear to be as follows. Mr Gordon was so careful in disposing of the remnants of blood that the apartment is 100% clean of this. Or perhaps the alert in the parents’ bedroom by Eddie was to this incident. Or perhaps the dogs are less capable than we are led to believe.

The fact that the ‘semen’ stain on the bedcover was found to belong to a very young male child caused the spot to be revised from semen to saliva.

The fact spot 9 was attributed to Charlie Gordon is also problematic, much as it would be for Madeleine, due to height issues. Using a height chart, the boy should have been about 90cm tall. Standing on the sofa should add around 45cm more, totalling 1m 35cm. However, the spot is at around 1m 80 to 1m 90, so the gap is still around 50cm.

The most plausible explanation I have seen to explain this is something was thrown against the wall that had the child’s saliva on it.

Accurate determination of the cause is not necessary, as the material belonged Charlie Gordon and not to Madeleine McCann.

And if Saleigh Gordon’s testimony is correct, spot 9 does not seem to be blood.


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