Madeleine – May 2016

The ShiningInLuz blog has been trundling along for a while averaging 50 to 60 views per day. Do the arithmetic and you should get 1,500 to 1,800 as the expected total views for May 2016.

The actual total was over 6,200, or about 200/day.

Here is the map of where those visits came from.

Countries May 2016

In the main it is from the UK, but there appears to be fairly global interest.

And someone is obviously spreading something about the blog on Facebook. The current total for today, roughly half-way through 1 June 2016, is over 1,200.

These peaks seem to be mainly back catalogue effects, with 2 myths rising to the surface.

The first is whether the McCanns visited Chaplins. There is nothing whatsoever to support this.

The second is whether the CEOP site reported Madeleine’s disappearance before 3 May 2007, as it looked like this on the Wayback Machine. CEOP did not report Madeleine’s disappearance prior to 3 May 2007. The Wayback Machine records were corrupted months after the event, leading to a false impression.

The main ‘current’ posts to be viewed concerned the 9th anniversary, and that can largely be summarised as not a lot happened in the media, and whether Neil Berry and Raj Balu could see much of significance from the balcony of apartment 606, which they couldn’t.

All in all, rather an odd month, though I did pick up quite a bit of information from my second visitor to Luz.


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