Madeleine – Tapas v Pizzeria

At the time Madeleine disappeared, the restaurant was called the Tapas Restaurant. It did not serve tapas. It served starters and mains. I do not have a menu for the Tapas Restaurant, which would be interesting.

After the Tapas Restaurant bit the dust, it became the Pizzeria da Luz. Same place, same layout, different name. The web site for the Pizzeria lasted from 2010 to 2013, and now is gone.

PizzeriadaLuz 2010-2014med

I am sitting right here, right now with a menu for the Pizzeria da Luz, so what delicacies do we have on offer?

COUVERT. Marinated olives, sardine pâté, pickled garlic carrots, local cheese, bread and butter. So far, so good.


Garlic bread. Baked Camembert. Caprese salad. Antipasto platter.


Goat’s cheese salad. Char-grilled chicken and bacon salad. Tuna salad.


Chicken breast with a braised butter bean, vegetable and chorizo stew.

Lemon and garlic king prawns, chips and mayonnaise.

Gnocchi with a wild mushroom and Gorgonzola sauce, fresh rocket and Parmesan shavings.

Spaghetti Bolognaise.


14 pizzas choices from €8.50 to €12.00.

Make your own mind up about whether you would wish to eat night after night in the Pizzeria da Luz. Personally, I would be hard pushed to eat there 5 nights in a row. Perhaps the Tapas Restaurant menu was a bit more varied than this. The current Thomas Cook advertising says 2 outdoor pools, with snack bars where one snack bar is high season only, so the Ocean Club still appears to be in decline.


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