Madeleine – undying myths

WordPress gives me basic information about how people are finding this blog. It used to tell me which sources were referring search queries to me, but that information has now been removed.

Yesterday, there was a large spike in views of this blog. Rather than the usual 60, the total was over 600. And at half past 7, the total is sitting at 400 this morning.

This type of spike normally means social media has been active, but sadly, I can no longer be certain of that..

The two top queries were Sergey Malinka and the McCanns at Chaplins, so let me give you an update on both.

Mr Malinka has been a peripheral figure in our lives recently. He is working from a base near Lagos, with his girlfriend, in a upmarket estate agency that he owns. The average property he deals in is perhaps €3 million, and Mr Malinka appears to be doing well. The property market seems to be recovering here in general. The government has an incentive scheme in place for anyone spending €500,000 plus. So the top end of the market is doing particularly well again.

We happened to be in touch with a group of foreign investors who want enough land to build an entire urbanisation, and Mr Malinka was able to come up with a suitable large plot of land instantly. These type of deals seldom go through straightforwardly. The investors have the whole world to pick from, so whether they choose Portugal is anyone’s guess.

In brief, Mr Malinka appears to be well-established in a well-paid line of work, and is getting on with his life without concerning himself with Madeleine.

Now to the McCanns at Chaplins. I do not have anything fresh to offer on this, because nothing fresh has emerged. The myth is that the McCanns went to Chaplins on Tuesday 1 May 2007. That would be after a quiz conducted in the Tapas restaurant, which the Tapas 9 won. And supposedly, some or all of the Tapas 9 quiz participants then dashed to Chaplin’s, where it was quiz night. And that was the night Kate McCann was busy on her phone.

I have an idea as to how this myth started, but the law of libel prevents me from publishing it.

So, Mr Malinka appears to be an honest character with no connection to the Madeleine McCann case beyond being in Luz at the time of the incident.

And the McCanns never went to Chaplins. It is a scurrilous myth that refuses to die.

The third post that has been particularly active was the photos I posted yesterday about trying to work out what the Berry/Balu party could see from their balcony. It was just a small point that interested me, but it seems to have taken off with a very large number of views.

Do you chaps realise that I’m happy to take photo requests for the bits of Luz that Google doesn’t cover well?


2 thoughts on “Madeleine – undying myths

  1. Hallo Shining-in-Luz … very happy to have found your blog! Don’t ask me how I found it because I cannot remember even though it was only this evening! That is the trouble when one is skittering hither and thither following snippets and links (and imbibing delicious red vino). I look forward to reading more at leisure later, on my phone in bed!

    Can’t help you re the sudden interest concurrent with your Berry-Balu post … although a bell is ringing somewhere that I have seen something in the past day or so that might explain it. It may come to me but don’t hold your breath!

    Till later

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