Madeleine – Kate’s short route

I was informed by a poster on Miscarriage of Justice that Kate’s short way between the Mini Club and the crèche involved going through the building to the immediate north of the Ocean Club 24hr reception, and involved stairs.

Please note, I have not confirmed that Kate actually said this. I cannot remember it in her statements or in her book, so I am not sure where the source of this information comes from.

However, on 3 May 2016, the 9th anniversary, I was out and about in the vicinity of 5A and I wanted to check on two things, one being Kate’s short route involving stairs. So here it is.

The starting point, the Mini Club, is obviously exactly the same as it was before. But this time, heading north, there is no going down into the car park. Instead, the route simply goes north past Date Palm to the steps.


And here’s what it looks like at the bottom of the stairs. Please make up your own mind about the following. If I was holding the hand of a single 4-year-old child, I would not have an issue using these stairs. If I was a nanny with a clutch of children to get to High Tea, whether I had Sammy Snake or not, I would not touch these stairs with a barge pole. It could be the nannies used the flatter route, but obviously, I do not know for sure.

As a side note, the bougainvillea is in bloom. After the worst weather in 5 years.


From the top of the stairs to the Mini Club, you can see it is a bit of an obstacle, but I have no reason to believe the nannies ever used this route. However if the McCanns were using this route, then you are now looking at what Madeleine saw on her way to the Mini Club twice a day.


Next is the passageway ‘through’ the buildings to get to the west side. As you can see, it is actually 2 buildings joined by a covered walkway.


Then there is a short path, complete with a light.


And that goes down another small set of steps, with another light.


That in turn takes us to the south of the large grassy area that is south of Block 1. The tree with dark green leaves I will get back to in future as there is a small story attached to it.


This path runs between the grassy area and the adults-only swimming pool.


So to the south is the adults-only swimming pool.


And to the north, the grassy area, Block 1 and Stephen Carpenter’s semi circular route home from the Tapas restaurant to Fiji Palm.


At the west end, the path allows you to turn north, and there is another light.


And this route joins up to the couple of steps between Block 1 on the right and Block 6 on the left. The turning left behind Block 6 takes you to apartment 5A as previously described.


All in all, I would rate this route as OK for a parent with a single child to look after. At the stage it becomes more than one child per adult, I would rate it as very unlikely. Quite possibly, we have 2 short routes, one via the stairs, and a somewhat longer one via the wheelchair access path.


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