Madeleine – 9th anniversary stats

The normal daily average views of this blog is around 50 to 60 hits.

On 3 may 2016, there were 377 views. For a couple of days prior to 3 May and a couple of days after, the average views was around 100/day.

In the run up, the hottest topic was Ocean Club driver José da Silva, until it turned to the 9th anniversary post.

While I was waiting for Heriberto on the morning of 3 May, I took the opportunity to check out a couple of little things that had been bothering me. I will clarify them on the blog shortly.

In the mean time, I realise that I missed a chance to check out how busy or quiet Kelly’s was last night. For many a reason, matching the precise date is not important. It is matching the Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. So Thursday 5th May 2016 is a better match to Thursday 3 May 2007, better than Wednesday 4 May 2016.

It is difficult to reconstruct such a scene accurately, with many elements out of my control. One is that Luz seems to be very quiet from a tourist numbers view. The Tapas area is almost deserted, and I have yet to see anyone on the tennis courts or kids in the children’s play area.

Whether an extremely quiet Ocean Club would impact on the number of customers in Kelly’s is debatable. The customers seem to be more ex-pats and people with a share of an apartment in Luz, rather than those out just for a first visit, and only for a few days.

But whatever, the opportunity has gone for another year. Mind you, my calf muscles simply were not up to it, so in that sense, there was no choice.


4 thoughts on “Madeleine – 9th anniversary stats

  1. A lot of that was me, I’m afraid. I’ve been searching on said individual on various machines when the fancy takes me, and that. Think I’ve spiked your figures single-handedly.

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