Madeleine – 4 May 2016

The 4th of May was the last day of Heriberto’s visit, so we met up again in the centre of Luz with a particular idea in mind. That involved criss-crossing much of Luz, and although we managed to cover the territory, our task did not achieve the result we had hoped.

We had a break from our endeavours at Baptista, and chatted for about 40 minutes.

It transpired that Heri had had a bit of an adventure on his way to the meeting point that morning, crossing paths with one of the 3 arguidos. He might wish to write of this on his blog, so I will say no more.

Behind every good man there is a good woman, so here is my message to that good woman. Heri related that his enthusiasm for the case was flagging a bit, but the good woman encouraged him to make the trip to Luz. So I must say thank you to this good woman. First, I enjoyed Heri’s very pleasant company, and it was wonderful to get the chance to discuss the case with someone who is actually up to speed with it. Heri uses a different approach to the case than I do, and so was able to relate a lot of information I was not aware of. Second, Heri was able to drop in some critical pieces that may well alter my view of the case. I simply need to confirm something via a test, and if it pans out as Heri said, then my view will indeed alter.

Should this information make its way to this good woman, I have something to add for her. The Baptista break was meant to be for coffee, and at the Baptista café, to get a coffee, you have to stand in front of chiller cabinets stuffed with many different types of delicious cake. Whilst Heri was sorely tempted by these, he resisted temptation and settled for a soft drink.

After our exploration, we parted company in Rua Direita at about 2.30pm. Heri had a plan for the evening, and again, in case he wishes to write about it on his blog, I shall not describe it further. I was not sure if I wished to participate or not, so we said goodbyes at that time, given this would not hurt if we were to meet up that evening.

This is probably a good thing. I happen to live at the top of one of the steepest hills around Luz, and walking from the centre to my home is very arduous. I had made that trip 5 times in 2.5 days, and when I got home, my calf muscles were whinging mightily. Today, they are very tight and stiff. And after 2 nights of being up till 4 in the morning writing up discussion points that interested me, I was dog-tired. I went to bed early and didn’t wake up until this afternoon.

Heri meanwhile was getting up early this morning, to get the bus to Lagos, to make sure he connected up for his epic journey via Lisbon to Madrid.

As to whether Heri managed to do what he intended to do, I don’t know. Yesterday afternoon it rained here. I think it was dry when Heri wanted to go out. And then we had a storm overnight strong enough to wake me up. It does that a lot here, rain or a rainstorm overnight, then ShiningInLuz during the day.


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