Madeleine – where are the journos?

I went out this evening to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

I wanted to find out where the journos might be reporting from tomorrow, so I headed for where the journos normally frequent. And much to my disappointment, I could not see a single media reporter, not one.

The place was fairly lively, but apart from the restaurant, the main attraction was live football on TV. Chelsea 2 Tottenham 2. And now the fairytale story has come true and Leicester City are Premier League champions.

So that takes me on to my second reason for going, which was a visit to Luz by Heriberto Janosch. I would not normally name names, but I see Heri has already posted on Miscarriage of Justice, so I am free to report what happened.

We had a long, wide-ranging discussion over many aspects of the case. Like myself, Heri has little interest in the McCanns v Amaral trial, roughly on the basis that tells us very little about what happened to Madeleine McCann.

I learned multiple snippets of information that I was previously unaware of. Just to pick one example, Heri was able to point out that there was no equivalent of Crimewatch 2013 broadcast in Spain. Given that it is around 2hrs to the Spanish border, and that the PJ did not seem to arrive until 3hrs after Kate McCann raised the alarm, and that there is no check on those crossing the Portuguese/Spanish border, Spain is one potential destination or transfer station.

That means I need to update this blog with a Spanish version of the transcript of the 2013 Crimewatch. I’ll do that when the 9th anniversary has passed.

At the moment, I need to jot down some of these snippets, otherwise when I wake up in the morning, I will have forgotten a lot.

The plan for tomorrow is to be down around block 5 by about 10am to see if there is any activity. I have a couple of background tasks in the area if this does not materialise.

My regards to Heriberto. He started at 6am yesterday morning, went to Madrid airport, flew to Lisbon (and even that helps me on a point that has been puzzling me), got on a 4.5 hour bus journey to Faro, and arrived in Luz around 5.30pm. That is what I call stamina.

Judging by the big black rings around his eyes, the day took its toll, but we intend to meet up tomorrow for another session.

Whilst I did not get all I wanted, all in all it was an enjoyable experience, so I am looking forward to tomorrow.

I have 2 concerns. First, the forecast is 27C tomorrow, which is a bit beyond what I feel comfortable with. Second, having walked up some very steep inclines to get home, I can feel my calf muscles beginning to tighten. My capacity is clearly limited. Oh, the joys of getting old!


6 thoughts on “Madeleine – where are the journos?

  1. Had the McCanns used one of their two cell phones and called 999 or the EU emergency number that any doctor knows or should know, they would have been pretty soon connected to an Anglophone person who would have decided whether to send an ambulance, firemen or the police. It is not fair to spread the myth of the police arriving only 3 hours after the alarm was launched, a story that, for mysterious reasons, they want people to believe.

    • Not only is it fact, rather than myth, but when they did get there they failed in every aspect of the procedure of the investigation of the scene of a crime. So, they arrived very tardily, they obviously and clamorously failed to seal the scene of the crime to prevent general access and the destruction of evidence. And perhaps most damningly, they arrived with a fixed idea about what had happened, at least according to them… i.e. that the child could not have been taken, and must have wandered off on her own- to which they added the stipulation of ‘no press’.

      Now, those apparent conclusions don’t seem entirely logical or fair, given they had also failed to investigate successfully numerous break-ins and attacks by one or more predatory paedophiles in the area. Plus, if the child had wandered off, why demand ‘no press’? Wouldn’t have made them look bad if she had, would it? It would have been the fault of the parents, and the police would not have had any light shone on them, nor would the tourist industry have taken any hit. If they child had wandered, and they actually believed that, the press would have been no concern to them whatsoever.

      Final point of logic… if you’re suggesting the McCanns ‘for some mysterious reason’ wish to create a myth that the police didn’t arrive for 3 or 4 hours, presumably because they had committed some incredibly complex crime- if that were the case would they not want everyone to know if the police had arrived instantly? It would have given them less time in order to get away with said fictional conspiracy, would it not? So, if they were guilty of such, and they police had arrived punctually, it would have behoved them to publicise that fact.

      But they aren’t. And they didn’t. Logic. Not always the friend of the conspiracy theorist.

  2. I am not spreading a myth. The PJ arrived roughly after 3 hours from when the alarm was raised. The GNR arrived, as far as I can work out, around 1 hr and 15mins after the alarm was first raised.

    The GNR arrived about 40mins, at apartment 5A, after first called. First call 10.41, GNR at 5A (after OC reception) I make about 11.20.

    Are the GNR empowered to seal the borders? No.

    Is the first responding PJ team empowered to seal the borders. No.

    By the time the GNR response was at 5A, there was very little chance of sealing the border. By the time the PJ had arrived there was none.

    The ability to seal the borders is the myth.

    • Hi S.I.L.

      Glad to find you in fine fettle. Rather odd it’s so quiet there on this anniversary. Perhaps you’ll see more movement afternoon/evening.

      It’s nice you’re getting to meet up with Heriberto. Poor chap has been the target of much vitriol since his name was mentioned in relation to the case in some red-tops last week- especially under the bridge at the troll boards. I had a browse there to see what they were donning the tinfoil hats about in the lead up to this anniversary and/or the conclusion of Operation Grange.

      I’ve got to say, I’d be pretty disappointed in that vast sum of money had been spent to end up with the idea that Madeleine was snatched in a bungled burglary. If you believe the press, that is the one line they are still investigating (i.e. the main line they were banging on about in that ‘Crimewatch’ special). It didn’t make sense then, and it doesn’t make any more sense now. Add to that the suggestion that the Portuguese are not allowing the Met to re-interview these three suspects, and the trail ends there. So, the Met can say ‘we spoke to the abductor, but can’t go any further’. It’s pretty unsatisfactory. The three men in question seem to be fairly low on the social scale, so if you were looking to, for example, theoretically, get some conviction at the end of such a massive investigation, why would they Portuguese decide to protect them, innocent or guilty? The Met certainly want a resolution- you could argue that the Portuguese simply do not, I suppose, as any conviction, whether correct or erroneous, does of course make the Portuguese police and Portugal look bad… particularly if you’re convicting Portuguese nationals.

      Heriberto did great work in tying those men into the orphanage scam. It’s definitely something that should be investigated. I wonder, though, if you could please pose a few rather obvious questions to him from me? I think you know where I’m going to go… but:

      1) has there ever been a precedent recorded in criminal history in which a burglar broke into a residence with the sole intention of petty theft, and instead decided to become a kidnapper or child trafficker or murderer while in the apartment? Personally, I’ve never happened upon a similar case, and it makes little sense to me.

      2) what possible reason would such a thief or thieves have for graduating to kidnapper or child murderer at the scene of a break-in? The Met have suggested the child might have disturbed the intruder/s.

      3) Faced with a woken child, why would the intruder/s decide to take a live, and upset child from the flat, instead of fleeing?

      4) Faced with a woken child, why would the intruder/s decided to take a physically subdued or unconscious child from the flat, instead of leaving her there and fleeing? The child was 3 going on 4, and could hardly have identified any of the men, whether she had met them or not being largely irrelevant. So, why would they up the scale of their crime from petty theft to the far more serious kidnapping in order to avoid risking an almost impossible identification? Plus, what was the plan from there? Set her free? Murder her?

      5) Faced with a woken child, whom the intruder/s killed in the flat, either purposefully or accidentally, presumably through blunt-force trauma or strangulation or suffocation, leaving no blood… why would the intruder/s then decided to take the child’s corpse with them, instead of, once again, fleeing?

      If you could put those to Heriberto, and/or wish to have a go at them yourself, I’d be very interested to read your thoughts.

      Anyway, off to work. All the best.

  3. Assumptions with no evidence to support them, when spread as facts, become myths.
    The established fact is that the McCanns didn’t call the police, none of them pretended to have done so, though they had two cell phones. What are cell phones for ? Fiona Payne said she asked Matthew Oldfield to alert the main reception, but nothing was done and the police was called only because the OC manager, John Hill, asked the receptionist to do it, which he did at 22:41. The GNR was in PDL 20 minutes after. There’s no conspiracy here, it is all in the PJ files. As it is in the files, he stated it, that Gerald McCann first thing closed the shutters and tried to open them again from the outside. A funny way to preserve the crime scene ! And a funny sense of emergency !

    • With all due respect, you’re coming across as quite the eejit. It’s not for the victims of a crime to preserve the scene, that is for the police. The rest is bilge.

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