Madeleine – 9th anniversary in Luz

Last night I tried to jot down notes about everything I had found out from Heri last night. I got back home about 11.30pm, and by the time I had finished it was 4am this morning. I was a bit bleary eyed as I headed down to block 5 at 10am, but I managed it.

So here is a photo of the media scrum in Luz on 3 May 2016, the 9th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.

20160503 9th Anniversary 5A

I took the opportunity to get some other photos I was interested in, and I managed to hang around until 11.30am. No Heriberto – I guess he is catching up on sleep. No media. Just a couple of maintenance men going in to work on block 5.

The temperature in the shade had risen to 26C with almost no wind and I was starting to cook. Despite a sun hat, I can feel already feel the start of sunburn on my face. So I had to come home for some shade. I’ll try to catch up with Heriberto later.

I see this weather is heading the way of the UK. Enjoy your sunblock!


One thought on “Madeleine – 9th anniversary in Luz

  1. Hi SIL. I was in the zone at 10:00 but looking for the “missed” second mobile phone station.. I went to the top of the building besides Luztur and got a better look and pics of the known first station. Now i am with a journalist from Correio da Manha TV, just in front of 5A. Heri 600686916.

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