Madeleine – 9th anniversary – forecast

I had another bash at getting ready for the 9th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The truth is that things seem eerily quiet in Luz. Tourists seem to be conspicuous by their absence. This is despite the fact that in short succession we had the 3rd annual Luz triathlon on 23 April, then there was Freedom Day on 25 April, and coming up is May Day (normally the 1st but this year the 2nd), and of course the 3rd of May.

Anyway, I wanted to check out the short route from the Mini-Club to the Tapas area. The thinking is as follows. One possible trigger for an abductor would be seeing children taking the short route for their High Tea, then following them back from the Tapas area. I have lots of stuff in the editing room as I speak, but it will take a bit of time and effort to prep it.

So on to the forecast. The weather is the simple bit. It is set to be very hot and sunny. That’s not my favourite for an adventure, but clearly it is time to get out of jeans into something much cooler.

Then there’s the media. There seems to have been a lot of frothy stories with little substance recently, surrounding the news that Amaral won his appeal. A lot of agitation, but no depth. What I can say is that Luz was basically empty on my little tour this afternoon, and there was no sign to be seen of media representatives anywhere.

That is pretty much what I forecast. I expect the media to arrive in the evening of Tuesday 2nd May, do a piece early on 3 May, and to be gone by the time night descends on Luz.

But I am hoping we can get at least one team to delay their departure to re-enact the Smith sighting.

Here’s a couple of photos from today’s tour – 30 Apr 2016. First up is the tree Madeleine appears beside in the PJ Files. Please note the bougainvillea. It has been a very poor winter, and that bougainvillea is on the west wall where sunlight is limited, but it is clearly in flower. I’m posting this in response to ideas about ‘The Last Photo’ not being taken in May 2007. I’ll try to get a photo of the bougainvillea on the north wall if I can squeeze it into my schedule.

Bougainvillea 30 Apr 2016

Then there is the play area and tennis courts. Now Saturday is the main swap over day, but this is empty, empty, empty.

Play area 30 Apr 2016


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