Luz 3rd annual triathlon

It is the 23th (sic) of April 2016 and what is happening in Luz? According to this banner it is time for a triathlon.

23th April 2016

Please note the banner states clearly the event is taking place on the 23th (sic). If you are wondering what is going on with this, the Luz triathlon is normally scheduled for some time around the 25th of April. In this case, I reckon they started out with Sunday 24th April as the target date, but folks said they would prefer if it was held on Saturday 23rd, hence the 23th lash-up.

It is around 08:00 on 23 April in Luz. It rained overnight and the damp remnants are drying off. It is overcast, with little sign of the sun breaking through. The outdoors temperature is just under 17C. There is no wind whatsoever.

Why on Earth would anyone want to go for a swim in the Atlantic in these conditions?

It would seem that visitors from far away do. Here is a photo of a bus from Germany (I think) parked outside the Hotel Belavista in Luz.

Belavista bus

This is a bit unusual. Normally, folks get dropped off at the start of their stay, and get picked up at the end. I assume the bus has brought in a party of triathletes from Germany for a short stay.

I will find out more when I pop out to the triathlon. I do believe I can feel my first attempt at a short Luz video coming on.


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