Cryogenics in Luz + Happy birthday!

I’ve just got my PC back, yet to have a peek.

I have been told the data has been recovered, and I now have a new hard drive.

The data recovery process involved freezing my old hard drive in order to get it work enough to strip the information.

Whatever the state of the data recovery, it will be good to get back to a proper keyboard and screen.

The other notable fact about today is that it is middle son’s birthday, and he and his family are out here now.  Today’s fun was messing about on the beach with the littlies.

This evening it is going to be Portofino’s in Lagos for an Italian family dinner.

Happy birthday must be the toast, but if he is now xx, that means we must be xx + 20, or so!

As to the Madeleine McCann trail, the big news today appears to be that Goncalo Amaral’s appeal has been successful, with the newshounds still working on the story.

I am going to leave that topic to others.  It tells me nothing about the original case.  It may well impact how much money there is going forward, but I don’t see the point in speculation.

After the birthday bash, I will get back to Madeleine McCann proper.  I was in the middle of building up an accurate record of the weather during the McCann visit, when my hard drive decided to expire.  I need to go back and finish that off.

Guess what the weather is like here, right now, as I type this.

Of course it is!  It is ShiningInLuz.


2 thoughts on “Cryogenics in Luz + Happy birthday!

  1. I signed up to being a mod on Miscarriage of Justice where this topic is piri-piri hot. So I am sort of involved, but at arm’s length.

    I’ll check my email, but I think I have already responded. It was one of the first things I did when I got my PC back.

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