Madeleine v video 1

OK, I have now conducted both video tests, the daylight version and the night-time version.

There are some things in the case proper (original) and some things coming up shortly (news) that I would like to cover on video, so it was a priority to work out if I, and my ultra-cheap video recorder, come anywhere near to being good enough.

The video tests suggest the answer is no.

Problem 1 – daylight. The video was extremely blurred. It is supposedly in HD but it looked like there was no focus. Repeated tests have shown I can’t get better focus, and I can’t get better quality. Night time was awful.

Problem 2. When I walk with the camera (which is what I want to do) there is step by step bounce. It looks bad enough to make me sea-sick, so that has also got to be sorted.

Problem 3. My camera records sound as well as video. That could well turn out to be a bonus if I can work out how to use it in my favour. In the meantime, I need a video editor that will allow me to overwrite my breathing, grunts and every weather sound that adds nothing.

Now there were successes. Standing still and panning through 270° was very good. I also got a decent idea about what I will need to do if there are noise sources like people or cars. It looks like I have worked out the basics.

And I managed to film several 4 minute videos without falling over. While this sounds like nothing, I class it as an achievement. I was walking for most of those 4 minute experiments. I was trying to focus on what the camera was videoing. Simultaneously, I was trying to work out in advance where I should be pointing the camera. And at the same time, I was trying to eyeball the cobbles, drains and kerbs to make sure I stayed upright.

Although the video test as a whole fell short of success, there is a very definite positive here.

The 9th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance is in a little over 3 weeks. There should be a smallish media presence then. And what I have tested already means I can be confident of capturing how this anniversary is covered by the media.


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