Madeleine – April 2016

It is now Friday 8 April 2016, and what is going on in Luz? The answer is a heck of a lot so let me crack on!

In under 4 weeks time it will be the 9th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. You can make your own prediction for this event. Personally, I am going with the view that there will be a minor upturn in the news stories coming out of Luz, but this time around I do not see 3 May as attracting a vast amount of media speculation. I hope to be able to pop down to apartment 5A at the time to see if this is correct or not.

I am just about to polish up and send off my offer help to the McCanns in respect of local Luz knowledge. I drafted this 2-3 weeks ago, but then I got sandbagged. First it was Clarence Mitchell as the headline speaker at a conference in Australia. Then it was the Easter break. And just as I thought it was time to roll, Gerry McCann turned up in a small flurry of news about whether Leveson recommendations had been implemented.

There is no point of dilly-dallying any longer. My proposal will get emailed to Gerry today. I fully expect it to be ignored, but I can only wait and see.

Friday is going to be a busy day..

After a 10 day intensive driving instruction course, our granddaughter sits her test today. She settled into the driving remarkably well. But she suffers from ‘examination nerves’, so it might be thumbs up and it might not.

For me personally, it is now 4 weeks sine I whacked my arm. The arm is still visibly swollen. It is an odd mix of jaundiced yellow combined with some hints of purple. It seldom whinges any more. But it has had 4 weeks out of action, so basically it does not function. I need to get the arm back into action, for everyday use. Plus, I need it for some Madeleine-related photos and videos. Try a a simple experiment for yourself. Try taking a photograph or a video sequence using just one hand. So arm exercises are on the menu.

What else? We have an in-law out here at the moment. She is thinking about renting a place here for 3 months, in a test to see if she wants to buy a property here. When I say here, I don’t mean Luz. She seems to think the next place east, Porto de Mós, is the place to be. It could be an interesting visit.

We have a bunch of relatives scheduled to head our way in May. This is not really an issue. Assuming my arm gets better, we can have some fun time with more grandkids in the spring sunshine.

Rumbling along in the background is the biggie – our imminent move to Portelas. Bits and pieces are happening. The overgrown garden has been checked for what needs to be done to claw it back from jungle. A top secret mission was conducted to get interior measurements of things like curtains, in preparation. From my personal viewpoint, it has been a joy to start chucking out some of the junk we have lugged around Luz in the 7 places we have resided since we started living here. Basically, with 7 moves, we have been too busy moving to worry about the junk, but this time, a fair bit is heading on its way out.

Anyway, enough of this. It is Friday, 8 April 2016 at 01.30, and I need to get my proposal to Gerry McCann.


4 thoughts on “Madeleine – April 2016

  1. Hi! Been a while. Remember the last time we spoke you were claiming the handyman called over to show Kate how to fix the washing machine and to fix their shutters without being requested by the McCanns to do so? And I said that was silly and didn’t make sense? And you said if there were anything in the files suggesting his presence had been requested for that purpose, you’d challenge me to find it… well, I didn’t bother because I thought it too obvious a point to make, as simple logic suggested a request must have been made. So I forgot about it… but just now was leafing through some case files, and I happened upon this, which reminded you wanted proof:

    Mario Domingos Moreira Date: 2007-05-08

    Occupation: Handyman

    Place of Work: OC

    He has worked at the OC for about 20 years and currently works in the Maintenance Department, he carries out repairs inside the apartments.

    He works from 09.00 to 18.00 with a break for lunch at 13.00. He has Sundays and Mondays off.

    When asked about the events being investigated he says that he only saw the girl’s mother once. This happened during the exercise of his functions, and after instruction from his superiors he went to apartment 5 A.

    His services had been requested because the shutters in the bedroom at the back of the apartment, facing the Tapas restaurant were damaged and with the aim of providing the mother with instructions regarding the operation of the washing machine.

    So, apparently, he *wasn’t* telepathic after all. Shocker. o.O

  2. I don’t remember saying the workmen arrived without being requested.

    That does not make sense. It would mean 2 workers (they worked in pairs) set out on this expedition on the off chance that Kate would believe she couldn’t work her washing machine and Gerry had mangled a shutter.

    If I got close to that I was having a very bad day.

    By pure coincidence, two workmen turned up in a large white van about 20 minutes ago to take away our fridge. We had not requested that our fridge be taken away. There are 2 in this place, both working, and neither belongs to us. Both belong to the owners and we just rent.

    We are in a particularly confusing part of Luz and we have had this happen before. It appears to be down to a couple of words in English that are very difficult to tell apart if your first language is not English.

    By the way, nice to see you back. It is turning out to be a particularly pleasant day.

  3. Heri,

    Good luck with that one. I may be wrong, but I get the impression that if the locals are not happy with being in the limelight, the first port of call is gypsies, swiftly followed by Eastern Europeans.

    Has the weather picked up in Madrid? It has been the worst winter out of the 5 I have spent here in Portugal, but it seems to have settled into something more like the usual sunshine.


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