Luz – daylight robbery

If you have been keeping up to date, you will know that we intend to move from Luz to Portelas soon. This means we will stop renting at a high price per month and settle into our own home. We have flogged one property in the UK already but we need to sell a larger one ASAP to finance the deal.

The idea is that the kids, two adults, two grown up children, two tiny littlies, one dog will have the main house. We will occupy the underbuild – that’s 3 bed and a garage that is soon to become a living room.

Living on top of each other is my idea of hell. Too many people in too small a space.

Portelas is not my idea of heaven either. We will be living in a small hamlet with two cafés and not a lot else.

It looks like a really odd place. How does one get one’s shiny Mercedes around the parked traffic to get to one’s home?  Rustic backwater oozing with dosh.

I have now been through about 8 properties around Luz, just surviving. A move here, a move there, another few months on the calendar.

One of the places of refuge belonged to June and Paul Wright. That was before I knew anything about Madeleine McCann. Back in the day, they were running the Duke of Holland, on Rua Praia da Luz, and both took part in the searches on 3 May 2007. They are operating a larger place on the high street now.

June’s villa was stuffed with cookbooks and I like cooking. But at the time, we were all trying hard just to make it to the next month. So I missed out on June’s recipes.

Where are we now? Well, we should be moving home around 2 months from now. And I am conducting daylight robbery. My current home is stuffed with great recipes. I am nicking the best before we move.

The BBQ book has been done. Tapas is up next.


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