UK intensive driving instruction course

Today, another chapter of family life is unfolding. Our granddaughter is 18 and it’s time for her to learn to drive.

There were two options – learn in Portugal or learn in the UK.

In Portugal there is a mandatory 30hr course, conducted only in Portuguese. Since she doesn’t speak Portuguese, that ruled out Portugal, leaving the UK as the sole remaining option.

So about 4 months ago she flew back to the UK to take her theoretical test, passed it and then joined the queue for her practical exam.

The intensive driving instruction course runs the opposite way to a normal course. Normally there would be one or two lessons a week, spread over many weeks. The intensive version packs as much experience as possible into as few days as possible. Our granddaughter started this morning and should have over a couple of hours under her belt already.

Exciting as this may be, it is not the start of her adventure. She flew back to the UK late last week to stay with family. Storm Katie was approaching from the south-west and she had a fairly bumpy ride, but at least she managed to get across before Katie hit full on.

In Portugal, we got the outer fringe of Katie on Saturday, turning the sky cloudy and providing a bit of rain. However, by Sunday, the weather had improved enough for our traditional Easter egg hunt for the little one. My arm is still crocked and we thought it was a bit risky to bring the 6 year old here. He doesn’t yet understand there are times I’m not going to be able to play with him or run around with him. So I stayed at home while the family conducted the Easter egg hunt at the Bar Carib, which has a large outdoor area.

As if that wasn’t enough for one weekend, it turns out our eldest grandson got dumped by his girlfriend.

So all in all, a fairly memorable Easter, for mixed reasons.

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter holiday.

Storm Katie had passed us sufficiently for good weather on Monday, and today it is Shining In Luz.


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