Madeleine v Easter

Following on from my disappointment at not getting communication through to the McCanns, due to the auto reply function on the Find Madeleine website, I decided to try one last experiment today.

I emailed the Find Madeleine email address with a message that was totally innocuous, had nothing to do with Madeleine, had nothing to do with an interview, had nothing to do with the McCanns, and had nothing to do with the media.

How bland was this message? I chose that fine old British conversation filler – the weather. It does not get more bland than that. I stated that the weather in Luz is good enough for a barbecue. This is true, but hardly contentious.

I got the standard auto reply back. The McCanns are not doing interviews at the moment. My email has been sent to Clarence Mitchell, who deals with the media.

Poor Clarence. He must be getting sick of my attempts to get through to the McCanns, that end up in his inbox. I cannot see how he can possibly make any media story out of the fact that it is BBQ weather in Luz today.

I wonder if his email is set to auto delete the auto replies from the Find Madeleine website? Hmm.

Plan B is still in phase 1 – trying to get through to the McCanns. Thanks to feedback, I’m up to 3 potential alternatives so far, and I expect more to develop over the weekend.

However, at the moment, the focus is on an Easter egg hunt, intended for our 5 year old, and planned to occur at Bar Carib on Easter Sunday.


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