Madeleine – Plan B v Clarence Mitchell

The core of Plan B is to engage the McCanns, in the hope that they can influence Operation Grange. In the event that Operation Grange is shelved, there would be additional material ready in the pot for any team subsequently appointed by the McCanns. Pretty much a no lose situation for the McCanns, one would think.

My email to investigation @ got an automated response. This is pretty much what I expected. However, the nature of the automatic reply took me by surprise.

Kate and Gerry McCann are not doing any interviews at this time, but your enquiry will be forwarded to Clarence Mitchell, who is dealing with media liaison.”

I had not requested an interview, Plan B does not involve Clarence Mitchell, and as I am not in the media, media liaison is not required. What has happened here?

I did may references to the media. I put my CV on the email, in the same spirit as one would do in a job application, and that makes clear I am not a member of the media. I also put forward a communication strategy that would offer the McCanns consideable control over any new information unearthed.

I presume whatever “intelligence” is behind the automatic response thinks this is some form of media request.

Your email will be read by a member of our campaign team.”

If correct, that implies I get two bites of the cherry this time round with Plan B. One is with ‘a member of our campaign team’. The other is with Clarence Mitchell. I have to say this does not fill me with optimism.

Luckily, Plan B was formulated on the premise that an attempt to engage the McCanns was more likely to fail than to succeed, so there is a back-up in situ. Plan B phase 1 has a lifetime of one month. After that, the back-up will kick in.


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