Madeleine – Plan B is cooking

Plan A was simple enough. Send some stuff that Operation Grange did not know about Luz to Scotland Yard, to upgrade the effort. That approach was met with deafening silence, hence the development of Plan B.

The core idea of Plan B is very simple. Plug local knowledge of Luz relevant to the case into the McCanns, then hope that the McCanns have better fortune with Operation Grange than I did.

A side benefit is that any PI team appointed by the McCanns, should Operation Grange be archived, will have more information to work with than previous teams.

I have drafted a proposal to the McCanns, but I want to sleep on it overnight, before polishing it and sending it off. I think I will only get one bite at this particular cherry, so I need to make it a good bite.

There is a contingency plan built in to Plan B, should the attempt to engage the McCanns fail.

Plan B is cooking. The smell is delicious.


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