Madeleine v Plan B

During the recent guest tour of a visitor to Luz, it became apparent to me that my Plan A for trying to make progress in developing the Madeleine case was far too complex. There were just too many ways in which the wheels could come off the bus. There was nothing wrong with the ambition of Plan A. It was that it was not going to come to fruition. That is not success. That is a fail.

Please note, I had worked this out before I cracked my head. That was not a factor in facing up to reality.

So I have been beetling away developing Plan B. It is equally ambitious, but much, much simpler. I am doing the donkey work in the background, and it will take perhaps a week before Plan B can be deployed.

I am code-naming Plan B as MARPLE. There is of course a reason. As to whether MARPLE makes a difference, only time will tell.

Please check this blog in the interim. There will be more information on MARPLE before Plan B is initiated.

Of course, it could just be that my crack on the head was worse than I thought!


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