Luz – the one arm test

This has nothing to do with Madeleine, so stop now if that is your interest.

Reality – on Thursday I fell off a chair in a bar in Luz, cracked my head, and smacked my elbow.

My head is basically OK. The problem is my left elbow, which is not working. Would you like to join me in a short test about what happens when you suddenly become a person with only one arm that works?

Before we start, I happen to have family around me to take care of me in my time of trouble, so I am not in dire straights. However, I would like you to role play the situation where you do not have family in the house, and where you have damaged your weaker arm to the extent that you can only use your stronger arm. OK?

Please try these tests using only your stronger arm/hand. I have learned a lot since I fell over.

  1. Buttons. This is an easy starter. What do you do about buttons if you can only make one hand work?

  2. Toast. How do you butter toast? How do you put a topping on toast? How do you slice the bread?

  3. Computer. My keyboard expects me to be 2 handed. Try typing in a date, using /, on your keyboard. Moving on, Windows uses FN {bottom left} and PRTSC to capture a screen image, but can it be done one-handed? My PC decided to hang today. I needed CTRL – ALT – DEL. That’s 3 keys requiring both hands. Is there a solution?

  4. Tops, as in clothes, what you put on your upper half. Please disable one arm totally, and try to work out how you get a top on you or around you.

  5. Meals. Dinner tonight was delicious roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, peas and gravy. How does one tuck in to this if one can only use a fork?

  6. Bricks (container boxes). Another easy one. Products like fruit juice come in rectangular boxes, complete with a top that is tough to open. How does one open such a new box using just one hand?

  7. Socks. Please try this for yourself because it is hilarious. How can you get your socks on using only one hand?

  8. Paper rolls. How can you get enough toilet paper to … ? How do you get a sheet of paper off the kitchen roll to mop up something in the kitchen?

  9. Tea/coffee. You have a full 5 litre bottle of water, a kettle and one arm. How do you solve this challenge?

  10. Personal washing. You have one arm that works. How do you wash your hair or take a shower?

If you try any of these tests, please try out 7. How to get your socks on with just one hand. It is simple. It is quick. It is very informative.


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