Madeleine – Luz tour 1 – part 2

Part 2 was a bit of a curate’s egg. The morning session took us to the site of the Scotland Yard June 2014 dig and we had a look at the mobile phone masts and the CCTV on Estrela da Luz. After 2 days of what for me is a lot of walking, around 1pm we called a halt because my back was giving me grief.

Then there was to be an evening session, intended to cover 4 hostelries that are prominent in the case, plus the Smith sighting viewed under the same lighting conditions as those seen by the Smith’s.

And that is where the plan collapsed. We went in to Fernando’s (Café Bar Calheta) and Fernando was happy to talk to us for an extended period. So the visit was already considerably longer that planned.

Then we got chatting with a Portuguese guy who runs water sports from the main beach. To my surprise he was actually happy to chat about the Madeleine case, so we were chatting for quite a while to him.

By this time I had imbibed more than is normal for me, and I had not made allowance for the fact that wine served in a bar is considerably stronger than my normal choice.

So, at one moment we were chatting away quite happily and the next thing I remember is waiting for the bombeiros to arrive with an ambulance, and a crew of three. It seems I had gone off my chair backwards and cracked my head on the tiles.

The chap in charge of the bombeiros spoke fluent English. He cleaned up the cut and recommended that I got a couple of stitches in the head wound. I didn’t want to go to the local hospital for that so I declined. The guy asked me other questions to make sure I was not concussed, then got me to sign a form, which I think was to say I had declined his recommended course of treatment.

All in all the ending was bit of a disaster. I woke up this morning and my head is basically fine, not an issue. But I seem to have wrenched my left elbow quite a bit, so moving that is very painful. I have now found out just how difficult life must be for people who are one handed.

Based on what we have covered so far, a complete tour should take around 6 hours, though my back is not up to doing that in a single day. And hopefully without the head cracking routine.


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